What is the best thing?

Theme : What is the best thing?

Aim of the lesson: 1) Оқушылардың  ойлау  қабілетін дамыту. Логикалық және

сыни тұрғыдан, сөздік қорын, ақпараттық құзыреттілігін

дамыту. Алған білімін өз игілігіне жұмсауға тәрбиелеу.

«БИС» технологиясы

Ауызша -1 картасы

1. Procedure of the lesson. Motivation.Preliminaries of the lessonLeader speaks
2. Across questions1) What size is it?

2) What  make?

3) How much is it?

4) name the fruits

5) Can I help you?

6)  vegetables

7) drinks

8) other foods

9) men clothes

10) women clothes

11) Would you like some tea?

II Match an adjective with its opposite in B.

A                               B

fast                          bad

small                        big

clean                       small

safe                         dirty

quite                        noisy

old                           dangerous

good                        modern

III Complete the chart

tall – taller – the tallest







first marks
3. Remember

the new words.

watch, bench, choose, shelf, brush, change, shoe, kitchen, team, china, mushroom, dirty, young, shirtsecond marks
4. Read the text use have 13 minutes, find the words in the textEx 8,9,11 p 75-76
5. Check you auditionThe season.

Winter is a wonderful season. The drees are white. The many cors in the street. In the winter it isn’t very cold. The KZ  hotel is cheaper than the Ankara hotel, but it’s more  expensive  than the Almaty hotel

Third marks
6. Short questionsAre supermarkets bigger than corner stores? Are they newer, more modern, they stay open longer? Have they a greater variety of  products? Do you like shopping? Are there any shops near your house? Where do you usually go shopping? Who often does shopping in your family? Fourth marks
7. Analyze of the lessonwonderful, modern, difficult, dangerous, important, interesting

good-better-the best

bad- worse- the worst


This boat is bar

This food is worse

This boat is the worst

fifth marks
8. Home-lessonOur time is over, you may relax. Good-bye children!