What should you do to keep fit?

Theme of the lesson:What should you do to keep fit?
Aims of the lesson:a) Оқушыларға денсаулықты сақтау үшін не істеу керектігін айта отырып, өткен сабақта өткен модальды етістіктерге (must / have to) шолу жасап, ақыл-кеңес беруге  should етістігінің пайдаланылуы туралы мәлімет беру.
 б) Оқушылардың есте сақтау, сөйлеу, жазу қабілеттерін дамыту.
 в) Оқушыларды ұқыптылыққа, тиянақтылыққа, денсаулықтарына немқұрайлы қарамауға үйрету.
Visual aids:Computer games, slides

Plan of the lesson:


I. Organization moment

II. Checking home work

III. Brainstorming

IV. New theme(to repeat ”must/have to” and explain ”should”)

V. Practice work

VI. Physical activity

VII. Test

VIII. Giving marks and home work


I. Organization moment

— Good afternoon, pupils!

— Good afternoon, teacher!

— Sit down!

—          Who is on duty today?

—          We are on duty today

—          Who is absent?

—          All are present

—          What date is it today?

—          Today is the 28th of January

—          What day is it today?

—          Today is Friday

—          What season is it now?

—          Winter

—          Sit down

II. Checking home work

—          What was your home work for today?

—          Ex:14 p112

—          Are you ready? Who wants to read?


My parents have to go out to work.

My father has to get up early in the morning.

My mother doesn’t have to keep my room tidy.

My sister has to do the shopping.

My brother has to do the washing up.

My grandparents don’t have to take the dog for a walk.


III. Brainstorming

Ex:1… One word does not belong in each list. Find it.


Ill /  sick / sad / unwell

Doctor / nurse / teacher / chemist

Sleep / take care of / nurse / look after

Headache / a sore throat / toothache / pill                          




IV. New theme  (to repeat ”must/have to” and explain ”should”)

Pupils, what do you know about must and have to?

Mustқажеттілік және міндеттемелер туралы айтқанда көбінесе айтушының ойы ретінде қолданылады.

I must cut my hair.

You really must work hard.


Have toқажеттілікті және заң, ережеге негізделген міндетті түрде істелуге тиісті әрекеттерді сипаттау үшін қолданылады.

Children have to go to school. (заң)

You have to wear a uniform. (ереже)


Ал, біздің бүгінгі жаңа сабағымыздың тақырыбы:

What should you do to keep fit?

Денің сау болуы үшін не істеу керек?


Should – пайдалы ақыл-кеңес бергенде қолданылады.

You should work hard.

You shouldn’t tell lie.


V. Practice work

Ex: 2.  Here are some things a person can do to take care of his/her health. Which two do you think are the most important?


Not smoking / Taking regular exercises / Eating good quality food / Having regular check-ups /

Dieting to keep your weight down / Not drinking alcohol


Оқушылар should модальды етістігін қолдана отырып, өз ойларын айтады.


Ex from CD of Way Ahead



Ex:7   to read the text, translate, then working on text:

                       School subjects:                                             Technology:

                               Maths                                                              TV

                              English                                                  Video-recorders

                              Geography                                                      DVD

                             Chemistry                                                   computers

                                PE                                                                 Cars

Ex:8    Find the words from the text with the same meaning.

A short time ago – recent

In good health – fit

At the present time – nowadays

Unhealthy food – junk food


VI. Physical activity

Әр бойдан бір оқушыдан шығып, жаттығу көрсетіп, қалғандары соны қайталайды.


VII. Test

Ex: 5 p 113.  How fit are you?


VIII. Giving marks and home work

—          Your home work is Ex:10. to write your own ideas about: TV, exercises, junk food, computers, books

Now I want to give your marks:  …….

— The lesson is over! Good bye!