Theme: «What do you want to be?»

Theme: «What do you want to be.

The aims of the lesson:                                                                                                                              The educational: to improve skills of use in speech of  lexicon on a theme of  Profession, to promote formation of  knowledge about various trades.                                                                        The developing: to develop logic thinking, speech, attention, imagination, culture of thinking and behavior.                                                                                                                                   The educational: to bring-up to love and to respect each other and foreign language. Materials: interactive board, cards, crossword.



1 Organization moment

2  Phonetic drill                                                                                                                                                                 3 New  lesson                                                                                                                                                           4 Doing exercises

5 Physical exercise

6 Do crossword

7 Home task

8 The end


The structure of the lesson


1 Organization moment:      — Stand up! Good morning pupils!


-Good morning, good morning,

Good morning to you!

Good morning, good morning,

We are glad to see you!


Thank you, sit down please.    — Who is on duty today?

What season is it now?

What month is it now?

What date is it today?

What day of the week today?


2  Phonetic drill: Let’s do our phonetic drill. Look at the blackboard! Listen then repeat after me!


This is the season,

When mornings are dark.

And birds do not sing,

In the forests and park.


3 New  lesson: Our  theme for today is   «What do you want to be?»  We’re going to talk about the world of profession. Look at the blackboard, there are some new words, listen and repeat after me!



a pilot                  [‘pailǝt]            ұшқыш

a professor          [prǝ’fesǝ]         профессор

a sportsman        [‘spo:tsmǝn]     спортсмен

a cosmonaut       [¸kozmǝ’no:t]   космонавт

a dancer             [dɑ:nsǝ]           биші

a spaceman        [speismǝn]              ғарышкер

a  journalist        [‘dȝǝ:nǝ’list]            журналист

a  writer              [‘raitǝ]                     жазушы

a  singer              [siƞǝ]                      әнші

Open your vocabulary-books and write new words.


4.Doing exersices:  Look at the blackboard.


We’re are going to read the dialoque.

-I want to be a pilot.

-What about you, Omar? What do you want to be?

-I want to be a doctor.

-What does your father do?

-He is a spaceman.

What does your mother do?

-She is a journalist

-What does your friend do?

-He is a pupil.

-What does he want to be?

-He wants to be a polisman


 In this part we’ll talk about Famous people.

What is Tokhtar Aubakirov?-He is a spaceman

What is Rose Rymbaeva?-She is a singer

What is Serik Sapeyov?-He is a sporsman

What is Nursultan Nazarbaev?-He is the President of Kazakhstan

What is Kalkaman Sarin?-He is a journalist


Look at the blackboard Find the missing letters

A b nk manager

A secr tary

A hou ewife

A poli eman

A la yer

A teach r

A musi ian

A foo baller

A jou nalist

A spa eman

An enginer


I will gave you cards and make up words

Kerwor-worker, treehca-teacher, dbiuelr-builder, esurn-nurse, otrdco- doctor, nedsitt-dentist, rverdi-driver, tpiol-pilot, ocatr-actor, xobre-boxer


  1. Physical exercise: Let’s do our physical exercise. Listen and do after me!

Hunds up!

Hunds on hips!

Turn to the write

Turn to the left

Sit down

Stand up!


OK, very much. Thank you! Take your sits, please.



  1. Very nice. Let’s guess the crossword.
  2. a person who drives a plane
  3. a person who drives a car
  4. a person who works and builds houses.
  5. a person who teaches students.
  6. a person who teaches pupils
  7. a person who files to the noon.
  8. a person who studies at the Universities and Institutes
  9. a person who learns to read and write at school.
  10. a person who treats a patient
  11. a person who dances


















What word is in the bottom of the crossword?

Yes, you are right. Profession and all these words are professions. Today’s our lesson is “Professions”.








Work in the groups. Make a dialoque
I group
— Hello!
— Hello!
— How are you?
— Fine, thanks. And you?
— O.K. Thank you.
— What do you want to be?
— I want to be a teacher.
— What do you want to be?
— I want to be a lawyer.
— Good-bye!
— Good-bye!
II group
— Hi! What is your name?
— Hi! My name is Carol.
— Have you got a mother?
— Yes, I have got a mother.
— What is she?
— She is a housewife.
— Have you got a father?
— Yes, I have got a father.
— What is he?
— He is an engineer.
— O.K. Bye.
— Bye.                                                                                                                                                                       7. Home task. 1 To learn new words

2 To make a dialoque


  1. The end. Our lesson is over! Good bye!