What does your father do?

What does your father do?

Theme of the lesson:What does your father do?

Aim of the lesson:  Оқушылардың оқу материалын меңгерудегі логикалық және сыни тұрғыдан

ойлау шапшандығын, сөздік қорын, ақпараттық құзыреттілігін дамыту. Пәнді

сапалы түрде меңгеруге ынталану және қызығушылық таныту.

«Биоақпараттандыру және синэнергетика»

Ауызша-1 картасы


1. Ұйымдастыру кезеңі, мотивацияGood morning children! Our lesson begin now. Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What date is it? What day of the week is it today? What was the homework for today? Sit down, please!Карта ережесі, көшбасшы. ООМ жұмыс
2. Оқушылардың субъекті тәжірибесін өзектендіруLook at me! Answer my questions.

1) What is your name?

2) What is your surname?

3)  What is your first name?

4) How are you?

5) How old are you?

6) What is your address?

7) what is your phone number?

8) What is your mother like?

9) Whose pen is this?

10) What is this?

11) What is that?

12) Have you got a camera?

13) What time  is it?

14) How many stamps have you?

15) What colour is you bag?

16) Can you play the dombyra?

17) What instrument can you play?

18) Where is you bag?

19) When is your birthday?

20) Where is London?
21) Where is Astana?

22) What month is it now?

23) Where are you from?

24) How do you spell your name?

Бірінші бақылау
3. Қабылдауды ұйымдастыруan operator

a musician

a doctor

a bank manager

a dentist

a lawyer

a secretary

a teacher

a housewife

a driver

a student

a nurse

a taxi-driver

an ambassador

Екіншілік белгілеу

уақыт нормативі

7 сөз-30сек, 14 сөз-1 мин 15 сек, 21сөз-2 мин 30 сек.

4. Ұғынуды ұйымдастыру1 бет мәтін 3 минут, сұрақ жауап алынады

I have a dream to be a doctor

I want to become a doctor. I like this profession and I am eager to get a medical education and work at a hospital. It is a good tradition in our family. My mother is a doctor, my grandfather is a doctor and I want to be a doctor, too.

When I was a little boy my grandfather worked at a hospital and I spent some time at the hospital with him. He is a surgeon and works in a surgical department. Day by day he takes care of his hospital patients, he treats them well. He is very attentive. Every day he comes into wards asking patients, «What do you complain of?». He wants all people to be able-bodied and he tries to treat his in-patients in a proper way.

My grandfather tells me a lot of true stories about doctors, their profession, their aid for people. I respect my grandfather. I like his profession and I have a dream to be a doctor, too.

5-6 сынып мәтін бетіне 3 минут
5. Түсінудің біріншілік тексеруіҚарама-қарсы сұрақ. (кілтті сөздер)

1) Is this your family?

2) Is this your dad?

3) What does he do?

4) What does your mother do?

5) Is this your brother?

6) Is he a student/?

7) Is your sister a student?

8) Is she a doctor?

9) Is he a taxi-driver?

10) what do you want to be?

Үшіншілік белгілеу
6.Біріншілік бекітуді ұйымдастыру«иә», «жоқ»

Is he a lawyer? Yes he is(she is)

Is she a nurse?

Is Omar’s sister a teacher?

Is Marat’s uncle is a driver?

What does Mr Evans?

Is Inzhu a student?

Is Askar a pupil?


Төртінші белгілеу
7. Талдау (5 минут)





3 белгі – 4

2белгі – 3

1 белгі — 2

(ТСҚ) тексеріледі

Тақырыптық сөздік қор

This is my family

My family is large

My grandfather is a doctor

My grandmother is s teacher

My uncle is a lawyer

My aunt is a nurse

My brother is a student

My sister is a musician

My niece is an operator

My nephew is a pupil

My cousin is a dentist

I am a pupil in the 5A

Бесіншелік белгілеу
8. Үйг тапсырма4 белгіден кем алған оқушылар үйге тапсырма алады

1) Ех 9 р77

2) learn the words