What colour is your cat?

Form: 5th

Time: 23.11.2012

The theme of the lesson:  What colour is your cat?

Aims of the lesson:

  1. Educational: To enrich pupils’ knowledge about colours, to introduce the new words, to present the structure ‘What colour is your _?”, “What colour are your _?”.
  2. Developing: To develop pupils’ skills and habits in reading, writing, understanding and oral speech.
  3. Brining-up: To enlarge pupils’ interest in learning foreign languages, to give an aesthetic brining-up.
  4. Practical: To teach to use the new words on their speech.

Type of the lesson: Game lesson

Methods of the lesson: Explanation, role-play, answer-question,  individual and pair work, games.

Visual aids:

Plan of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment.
  2. Basic part of the lesson.
  3. Concluding stage.


  1. Organization moment.
  2. Greeting.
  3. Asking about dates, absentees, etc.

3.Phychological moment:

— You are so happy as these animals!

— You are so merry as these sun!

— You are so beautiful as these flowers!

— You are so friendly as these friends!

  1. Checking up the home task. “What time is it?”
  2. a) Vocabulary revision:



a quarter=15 minutes

half=30 minutes

  1. b) Write the time in words:

12:40 , 1:15, 2:45, 4:30, 6:00

  1. Basic part of the lesson.
  2. Phonetic drill.

Red, red rose,

White, white blouse,

Brown, brown bag,

Grey, grey cap,

Black, black cap,

Blue, blue bike.


  1. New theme: how you understand today we will speak about colours and pets. And we have new words.
  2. Game: “Who is the best translator?” (individual work)
  3. Open your vocabulary books and write down the new words;
  4. Translate them into Kazakh.
  5. Pronounce the new words.

Black  [ b l æ k ]

Blue  [ b l u : ]

Red [ r e d ]

Brawn [ b r ɔ : n]

White [ w a I t ]

Yellow [ ‘ j e l ə u ]

Orange [ ‘ ɔ r i n ʤ  ]

Pink [ p I ɳ k ]

Green [ g r i : n]

Grey [ g r e i ]

Violet [ ‘ v a i ə l i t]

Beige [b e i ʒ ]

Blond [b l ɔ n d ]

Colour [ ‘ k ʌ l ə]

Eyes [ a i z]

Hair [ h e ə ]

  1. Work with text. Look, listen and repeat the colours.
  2. Listen and repeat.
  • What colour is your cat?
  • It’s black and white.
  1. Talk to your friend about Colin’s, Carol’s, Asel’s and Omar’s clothes.
  • What colour is Colin’s T-shirt?
  • It ______________________
  1. Listen and repeat.
  • What colour are its eyes?
  • They are brawn.
  1. Talk to your friend about Colin’s, Carol’s, Asel’s and Omar’s trainers, jeans, trousers and shoes.
  • What colour are Omar’s trousers?
  • They are___________________.
  1. Grammar: Possessive adjectives.


  1. Now, we’ll play the game “Chain”
  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • Which class are you in?
  • What colour is your hair?
  • What colour are your eyes?

III. Concluding stage.

  1. Game “Be a painter”
  2. You mix yellow and blue to make
  3. You mix yellow and red to make
  4. You mix red and white to make
  5. You mix black and white to make
  6. You mix blue and red to make
  7. You mix blue and yellow to make



  1. Game “What colours are these vegetables?”
  2. Hometask