English around us


Сабақтың тақырыбы: English around us.

Сабақтың мақсаты:

  1. Дамытушылық: оқушылардың ауызша ағылшын тілінде сөйлеуге дағдыландыру. (to develop student’s skills in oral speech)
  2. Білімділік: өткен сөздер мен грамматиканы қайталау (to review the learned grammar and vocabulary material)
  3. Тәрбиелік: Отан сүйгіштік, топпен жұмыс, өзара сыйластық(lesson – game, review)

Сабақтың көрнекілігі: тапсырма көшірмелері, карточкалар, суреттер, интерактивті тақта.


Сабақтың барысы:


1. Organization moment1. Who is on duty today?

2. What date is it today?

3. Who is absent?

2. Checking home task
3. Warm — upSpell [R] Robert Rolley, roll, rose, round


Robert Rolly rolled a round

A round roll Robert Rolley rolled

4. The main partToday we have revision lesson. Today we are going to review grammar, vocabulary and other material we learn before. Three teams will take part in it.


I team: Kazybek, Bekzat, Kyrmyzy,, Shalkar, Ersain.

II team: Gulphia, Zhanerke, Zhalgas, Zhandos, Eldar, Meirzhan.

III team: Dias, Adilzhan, Nazym,Almas, Dariga, Dias


The I round: Teams introducing each other


1.     My name is Kazybek. Bekzat is a clever boy.

2.     My name is Bekzat. Kyrmyzy is agood girl.

3.     My name is Kyrmyzy. Shalkar is a smart boy.

4.     My name is Shalkar. Ersain is a romantic person.

5.     My name is Ersain. Our team is “Leopard”

1.     My name is Gulphia. I am ten.

2.     My name is Zhanerke. My hobby is a dance.

3.     My name is Zhalgas. My favorite sport is chess.

4.     My name is Zhandos. I like swimming.

5.     My name is Eldar .

6.     I am Dariga. I am a schoolgirl. Our team is a “Tiger”

The 2-nd round. “Who is the strongest”

(The task is to answer the questions. First you choose te theme, than one of the points. Every right answer gives for your team points.

1.     Question for captain of team.

2.     Question for all group. Teams captain come here and determine the order. )

History  10 20 30 40 50

Say with smile 10 20 30 40 50

Grammar 10 20 30 40 50


10 What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

20 Who is the president of Kazakhstan?

30 Where are you from?

40 What color is the flag of Kazakhstan?

50 What animal is on the flag of Kazakhstan?

Say with smile:

10 Are you crazy?

20 How are you?

30 What do you do now?

40 Are you beautiful?

50 Are you a boy?

Task for the team: Grammar

10 Which word in the list have mistaken? (boxs, roses, pens, desks, pencils, bok.)

20 make the words in a plural. (book, bag, dress, girl, flower)

30 Write the sentences (this good is a boy)

40 Call the numbers up 10 to 20

50 Call the number up 1 to 12

III round. “Go on” (The task is to answer the question at high speed. If you don’t now the answer you should say “go on” )

Cross test. I team

1.     What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

2.     What is white?

3.     Winter, summer, spring are…..

4.     Blue, black, white are….

5.     Dogs, pigs ,cats are….

II team

1.     1,2,3 are…

2.     English, history, Math are…

3.     Ust – Kamenogorsk is…..

4.     What color is a sow?

5.     A,B,C,D are…

III team

1.     Football, tennis are…

2.     February, March, April are…

3.     Apple, bananas are…

4.     I go to….

5.     What is blue?

IV Round: “What is this?”(The captain of team the card with picture and show with move what is this. The group must find)


I team



II team




III team






V round. “Are you friendly?”(write the task in your exercise book. Work in a group. )

1. Make the sentences in negative.

2. Write the sentences with preposition Of

I team

1. This is a desk                             1. The teacher’s book

2. It is a beautiful flower                  2. The boy’s pen

3.There are many wolvs.                  3. My sister’s vocabulary

4. There is a carpet on the flour        4. My brother’s computer

5. There are apples on a tree.             5. My friend’s pencil


II team

1. I am a good boy                          1. The teacher’s Chalk

2  It is a fast animal.                        2. The boy’s name is Asan

3.There are many flowers.               3. My friend’s book

4. There is a book on the table        4. My brother’s computer

5. This ia a high tree.                     5. Arman’s pen


III team

1. I am a girl                                  1. The girl’s pen

2. It is a pen                                     2. My sister’s dress

3.There are books on the shelf.       3. My friend’s bag

4. There is a room                           4. The teacher’s book.

5. This is a good boy.                      5. My brother’s shoes





 Conclusion moment.1.     What was interesting for you in this lesson?

2.     Give your best wishes for opposite group.

Giving home task.Read the dialog about Ann and Pete.
Give the mark for the lesson.