The competition BRIGHT STARS

The competition BRIGHT STARS

6 th grade

Visual aids: interactive board, pictures of sightseeing of London, different slides.

Aims: to enlarge pupils’ vocabulary, to develop sightseeing knowledge.

All songs were sung in English.

Procedure of the competition.

  1. Warming up

Teacher: Dear girls and boys!

Welcome to our competition “BRIHGT STARS”. There are 2 teams. Their names are “Sparkling stars” and “Bright stars”. Let’s begin.

You should introduce yourselves.

P1: I’m … I can dance. In my free time I swim, play football.

P2, P3.

T: Now, musical pause. Our pupil will sing this song.

The 1st round is “Sightseeing in London”.

There are 5 slides on the active board: the Thames, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace , Tower Bridge, William Shakespeare

P1: It is the Thames. The Thames is the popular and the most famous river in England.

P2: It is Big Ben. It is the most famous and the biggest clock in the world. You can hear on radio: “It is BBC. It is 6 o’clock.” You hear it every hour. It weighs 13.720 kilograms.

P3: It is Tower Bridge, Britain’s best-known bridge across tha Thames. It was built in 1897.

P4: It is Buckingham Palace, the London home of British Royal family. Outside of Buckingham Palace we can watch a colorful ceremony of the changing of the Guard.

P5: He is William Shakespeare – an English writer and poet. He famous for his “Hamlet”, “The Twelfth Night”. “Romeo and Juliet and the sonnets.”

Judge should consider the pupils’ answer, their information, grammatical structure of sentences.

The 2nd round is “Symbols of countries”.

There are different symbols of English speaking countries: a thistle, a red rose, a narcissus, a trefoil.

Task: Which flower is the symbol of England? (a red rose)

P1, P2, P3, P4.

The 3rd round is the fill word “Weather”.

Two cards with the same fill word for both teams. They must find the words about weather and seasons

    W   S   U   M   M   E   R
    R   A   R   U   C   O   L
    E   O   R   W   Q   N   D
    O   L   D   M   P   M   B
     J    U   I   H   O   T   Z
    H   A   U   G   C   S   A
    T   N   G    E   U   S   T

And while our pupils work, we will listen to the song “Crocodile Gena’s song” by one of our pupils.

The 4th round is Flags.

Which is the flag of England? There are 3 flags on a slide. Each team must raise the right number of the flag.

The 5th round “” Game for spectators.

“Clouds”. The spectators must read the words in the right order.

Example: Twnrie=winter, nari=rain, rppysile=slippery, etc.

Judges tell the results of the competition.

Musical pause:

Teacher: Thank you for attention and taking part in our competition. Good-bye!