Тақырыбы :’’Animals are in danger’’

Тақырыбы :’’Animals are in danger’’

Мақсаты: 1.Балаларды ағылшын тілінде аңдар әлемімен таныстыру.

2.Аңдарды қорғау,сүйіспеншіліктерін ояту.

3.Оқушылардың оқу,сөйлеу,ойлау қабілеттерін дамыту.

1.Ұйымдастыру кезеңі: Greetings.

  1. Good morning,children!
  2. Good morning,teacher!
  3. Thank you,sit down ,please!

Who is on duty today?

  1. I am on duty today.

T.Who is absent?

  1. All are present.

T.Thank you,sit down, please!

2.Сабақтың  барысы:Now children,I want to ask you some questions about the weather.

  1. What season is it now?- It is autumn now.

2.What is the weather like today?-It is cloudy/rainy,windy,sunny,snowing./

3.How many months are there in autumn?-There are three months in autumn.

4.What are they?-They are September,October and November.

T.All right children. Let us begin our lesson.

3.Phonetic practice: At first listen the song and then sing along:   Way Ahaed 1=12b,new words.

  1. The new words: domestic animals and wild animals.
  2. а\ Қазақстан жануарлары туралы:- There are a vast and varied collection of wild animals in Kazakhstan.There are 178 species of mammals,500 species of birds,49 species of reptiles,104 species of fishes.

Iwant to introduce you with the wild animals and domestic animals.Look at these pictures. We divide these animals into:

1.mammals-сүт қоректілер

2.birds-құстар класы

3,cats-мысық тұқымдастар

4.reptiles-бауырымен жорғалаушылар

Mammals are animals wich feed their young with milk.

Birds: They can fly.

Cats: Animals wich are like the cats \lions,tigers,leopards and others\

Reptiles: \crocodiles,snakes,tortoises and etc.\

  b\ Оларды қорғау:-In this book there are many animals.There are many fish,birds and animals.They are in danger.We must defend these animals,because they are very rare or extinct.We have in our land 8 reserves.They are:Aksu-Zhabagaly,Almaty,Markhakol,the West Altay, Khorgalzhyn,Nauryzym,Barsakelmes,Ustirt.In the future will be created another 9 reserves.They are Karatau,Betpakdala,Torgay.Alakol,Zhongar,Zaysan,Balkhash River,Khysylkhum and Ereimentau.In these reserves are many animals and people work with animals all day.

 c\ Қызыл кітап туралы:

Many of these animals are in danger.Many of  them are very rare or extinct.\сирек немесе жойылу үстінде\.They are dying,because man had destroyed their homes.You know that a lot of forests are damaged\зиян\,so these creatures \тірі организмдер\ are in danger.Every ten minutes one kind of animals or plant or insect disappears.The wild animals have no space to move,no grass to eat,no water to drink.

d\ There is a big zoo in Shymkent.I think it is interesting to go to the zoo,but I also find it depressing.I don’t think that people ought to put animals in those cages.Animals should be living in nature.But they got treatment in the zoo.Probably they have become used to the zoo and could not live in nature now.

6.Children,we have one guest today.He is a veterinarian.He will tell about your work with animals:

Hi, I’m Sultan. I am a veterinarian.I work with animals all day.Every day I treat quite a few dogs and cats,and every week I see a few horses and cows.Even though horses and cows are larger than dogs and cats,I think they are easier to take care of.I like being a veterinarian,because I love animals.I own several animals.At home I have two dogs,a cat, one horse,three cows and ten sheep.The hardest part is feeding my animals. They eat so much food! (Сұлтан ағылшын тілінде,екінші оқушы орыс тілінде,үшінші оқушы қазақ тілінде айтады.)

7.Open your books at page 57,ex.2. ‘’Do you know that…’’-жаңа сөздерді пайдалана отырып тексті мәнерлеп оқу,аудару.

Оқушыларға қойылатын қосымша сұрақтар:

1\Do the people  threaten some animals? -Yes,they do.The people threaten some animals.The wild animals have no space to move,no grass to eat,no water to drink.

2\Can we defend these  animals?-Yes, we can.These animals can live in the reserves.We can help  and feed these animals.

8.You must find the animals in the following sentences:’’Animals in hiding’’.

9.And now children,we work with Grammer: a\The Present Perfect Tense\жедел өткен шақ\

.Тақтадағы таблица бойынша жасалу жолдары мен қолданылуын түсіндіремін.b\grammer tests.

10.Work with the computer; a\ Way Ahead1=14a,14b,19a,19b.

b\Way Ahead2=3a,11b,20a.


a\Texts at pages 59-60.

b\Conjugate 5 verbs in the Present Perfect.

Wild animals

1. giraffe

Domestic  animals



1.tall, long necks,long legs

c\Make scheme: