The theme of the lesson: How do I get there?

The theme of the lesson: How do I get there?

The aims of the lesson:

                Educational: To give the clear explanation how to get there to the by giving example situations.

               Developing: to develop pupils’ speaking skills, writing and listening skills by working with dialogue, analyzing and doing exercises.

              Up-bringing: To bring-up pupils to spend their free time funny and useful.

Equipments : English grammar book by “ Ayapova”, pictures, hand outs, slide show with the help interactive blackboard.


Lesson Plan

I  Introduction

  — Greeting  (approx. 2 min)

  — Organization moment  (approx. 3 min)

  — Warm-up  (approx. 2min)

II  Brain-storm

  — Speaking about the theme  (approx. 5 min)

III  Presentation

   — Doing exercises  (approx. 10 min)

IV  Practice

   — Discussion around the theme  (approx. 10 min)

V  Performance

   — Writing  (approx. 8 min)

VI  Feedback

   — Evaluation  (approx. 2 min)

   — Giving home task  (approx. 3min)



I  — Organization moment.

    — Good morning, boys and girl !

    — How are you today ?

    — Who is on duty today ?

    — What is the weather like today ?

    — What date is it today ?

    — What day of the week is it today ?

    — Who is absent today ?

    — What was your home task for today ?

    — Good, thank you, sit down please !

    — Warm-up. Look at me and repeat everything after me! This is…

This is my right hand, (put out your right hand)
This is my left. (put out your left hand)
I turn it to the right, (turn your right hand slightly to the right, palm upwards)
I turn it to the left. (turn your left hand slightly to the left, palm upwards)

This is my right foot, (put out your right foot)
This is my left. (put out your left foot)
I turn it to the right, (turn your right foot slightly to the right, toes upwards)
I turn it to the left. (turn your left foot slightly to the left, toes upwards)


II  — Asking pupils questions according to the theme.

   — Оқушылар егер сіз адасып не болмаса, бір жерден екінші жерге жету үшін не істеуіміз қажет.

— Boys and girls what we should do when we lost or when we want to ask the direction.

    — Дұрыс

    — Good

    — We ask somebody to help us

    — Біз тұрақты адамдардан көмек сұраймыз

III — Listen and practice.

  • Now look at the active board and repeat after me!

Go straight on – тура жүру

Turn left — солға бұрылу

Turn righ t- оңға бұрылу

Stop тоқта

How do I get there?

How do I get from_____________to_________?

I live at 25 Auezova

We live at 20 Adams



— Now look at the exercise 6. Let’s help Jennifer and Asel to find direction. Please ___________ start read the dialogue


Jennifer: Come to my house after school

Asel: I can’t. I’ve got to study.

Jennifer: You can study at my house

Asel: Where do you live?

Jennifer: We live at 20 Adams

Asel: How do I get there from school?

Jennifer: Go straight on Main Street. Go two blocks. Turn left on Washington. Turn right on Adams. Our house is on the right

  1. Let’s play a game. “Find the Star” I hade some stars on deferent place and you should find. Read your defection from active board
  2. Start near the door
    2. Turn left
    3. Go straight on
    4. Turn right
    5. Go straight on
    6. Look at under the desk


V Conclusion

I think, now we can make a conclusion. Please take sheet of paper and write little test about our today’s theme







— Writing. How do you get from your house to school. Draw a map and give directions from your school to your house

VI  — Evaluation

      — Giving home task: Reading the letter in exercise 11. Read these words and say them.

— Is everything clear for you, any questions?

— Today you worked very well.

— I’ll give you good marks.

— The lesson is over!  

— Good bye!