The theme: Cinema and video

The theme:      Cinema  and  video

The aims :    Оқушылар фильм және видеофильм . кинотеатр жайлы алған білімдерін толықтырады,  сөйлесуге, өз ойларын айтуға үйренеді.

  1. Есте сақтау, ауызша сөйлесу , сұхбаттасу дағдылары қалыптасады , сөздік қорлары кеңейеді, оқу белсенділіктері артады.
  2. Танымдылық ой- өрістері кеңейеді, кино өнеріне деген қызығушылықтары артады , мәдениеттіліке тәрбиеленеді.

 The visual:  суреттер, сөздіктер, кесте , проектор.

The  lesson: бекіту сабағы

The method:  ой ашар сұрақтары, топтастыру, сұқбат, топтық жұмыс, кесте.

  1. Organization

Who is on duty today?  What date is it today ?

Who is absent at the lesson?

  1. Warm- up Children,  how do you think what  about are you going to speak today?

How do you usually  spend your leisure time?  (Class divided  in two groups)



Leisure activities


III. Completing the table (Slide, 1)

Many of you spend  your  free time watching TV  or going to the cinema

  • Where can you see films?
  • What films or TV programms do you like to watch?

Complete  the table  ( write   kinds of films and programs)

      Films        TV. programs




About sport..

 Talk show


Game show


Soap operas…





  1. Match the definitions
  • News —     information about what is happening
  • quiz — shows     —
  • soap operas        —
  • travel films        —
  • Comedies          —
  • Sport         —
  • educational  —
  • nature films  —
  • crime                  —
  1. Speaking

Making up dialogue ( they ask each other and give reasons)

What films or  programs do you like ?  Why ?

Translate and use these Adjectives

Relaxing                   Useful

Exciting                   Funny

Amusing                  Boring       Interesting

I like to watch  films about ….. because it is  useful. You can relax .                                                     VI. Cinemas in Semey (slide, 2)



VII Quizzes ( slide, 3)  ( teams give questions each other)

  • What kind of cinemas have you  known?
  • Do you often go to the cinema ?
  • Is cinema going popular in your city?
  • Is cinema regular habit for many people?
  • Who usually goes regular?
  • How do people know which films are on?
  • What are the kazakh popular films?
  • Where can you buy tickets?
  • What film do you like the best of all?
  • Who is your favorite  actor or actress ?
  • What foreign famous actors do you know ?

 IX   Giving the  definitions Vocabulary work

What does mean these Verbs ?

To hire           to ruin

To replay         to copy

To recorder       to pirate

          Grammar Past Perfect

When I (come )to the cinema the film ( begin) already…

When  we ( meet) Saule  she ( buy) a ticket to the new film before

After we (finish) our lesson our boys (go) to the theatre.

When I (see) my sister she  (be) at  the night video club.

      X  Completing  the chart

Write advantage and disadvantage of watching  film  in  video and

at the cinema

In  video                                      At the  Cinemas



Films  at the cinema

You may go any time

You get good effect

You can buy ticket

You can rest

There is too much crime and violence

A few people

Some films are boring



Children what about have you spoken  at the lesson ?

Do you like the lesson ?

Do you think films  educate people ?

What good  qualities can you get from film?

What kind of cinemas have  you known?

Do films improve you cultural level ?

Giving marks  You have shown  your knowledge at English .

You get ….  Mark for the lesson.


Home task

Write your home task down  P.      Ex. 5

The lesson is over.  Good  buy