The theme: ″ Save the Nature″

The  theme:                ″ Save the  Nature″

The  aims: I.  Educational :

  1. To  revise  already studied  materials on  the theme ″Modal  verbs ″
  2. to teach to analyze and make conclusion and to understand oral speech.

                 II Developing:                                        

  1.   To  develop   students’  skills and  habits  in  monologue, dialogue

speech  through asking  (answering)

  1.    To  develop students’ speaking, listening  and  writing   habits  about

nature  and  it’s  protection

                 III  Bringing   up .            

1.To  bring up  the  felling  of  love wonder  of  environment  natural

world  to  respect  and  care  of  nature.

                 IV Practical                             

  1.   To be  able  to  talk  about    different  situations  using the  modal  verbs

words,  and  word combinations

Equipment:  Interactive board,   Multimedia  board,    cards, tape  recorder

Type  of  the  lesson: Non  traditional

Methods :   Reading,  translating, asking and answering   questions.

Using  technology:  (Critical  thinking,  association)

Interaction:             Geography,  Kazakh  Literature


                                     The  plan    of  the    lesson  


Organization  moment

The  motto of  the  lesson There  is no place like home


          II  Dedication          3.Diamante shape.

III. Choosing

  1. Modal verb ″should″

Doing expressions should  and  shouldn’t.

  1. Poetry ″Қызыл  кітап″
  2. Home  task
  3. Evolution  of  students’ activities


The  process   of  the  lesson


  1. Organization moment .

Good   morning   students; Sit  down!

I’m  very   glad to see    you !

  1. Setting up the  aims  of  the    Set  children   the  theme  of  our  today’s  lesson  is   ″ Save the  Nature″



The  motto   of  the lesson:

We   love  the  earth  as  a  new born  baby coves his  mother’s  heartbeat

                                                                                                (old Indian quotation)

So, children.  today  we  are  having an  unusual  lesson  as  a  radio  show.

Our  today’s  lesson  consists of 3  main  parts. They   are  called

1.Dedication  as  you  know  in  this  part 3  of   our  students  will  do  presentation   work  about   the   nature  protection.

  1. Part is ″  Choosing″

Grammatical  work:  modal  verb ″should  and  shouldn’t ″

     III.  Poetry ″Қызыл  кітап″ (Қадір Мырза – Әлі)

Now  Let’s  begin  the  first part of  our  lesson  ″Dedication″ .

The presentation of  students:  1.Исанова М   ″Nature  protection″

2.Тажкуранова Н   Changing  of natural   system

3.Амангелді  Айгерім  — The  place  of  valuable  information

And  now  students’  in  order  to  enter the second  part  of  our   lesson  you   must   meet  with  Jelly  Jam  and  do  his   task.

My  name  is  Jelly  Jam.

I  am  a  friend  of  people.

I  want  to   help  them to keep and safe  from  harm

That  is  why  I  am  a  People  Preserver







My  task for you:





   Seed small, buried, growing, breathing, living protection, oxygen, shade , habit dying, rotting, crumbling moist, rich, soil.

Diamond shaped

  Noun, adjective2 participle3, noun 4 participle 3 adjective2  noun1







III  Choosing (таңдау)

Now  students’ imagine  that it’s  late spring  now. And  you  are   in  the  forest.  Trees and  grasses  are  green, also there  are  flowers  with their  different  blossoms  and  sweet, pleasant  smell birds  are  singing  Jelly  Jam gives  you a  magic  stick. You  must  give  this  stick  each   other  listening   to  music.

When  it  stopped  a  student  who  has  a  stick  must  choose  one  of   these  themes  and  speak  about  it.

1.Red  book                2. Kazakhstan  Reservation

  1. Animals    4.Plants
  2. Water 6. Air

Jelly  Jam’s  flower –presents

Shoulds   and  shouldn’t s

You   must   thank  Jelly   Jam  for  his  present  and  read  it – add with  yours.

III Poetry (our  next part  is  poetry)

You  must  listen  to  this poem  attentively,  then  guess and  answer the  questions.

  1. Who is the   author of  this  poem?
  2. How its  called (poem).


Give  an  English  variant of  these words.

1.мылтық                             6.қарлығаш

2.Аңшылық                         7.Құс

3.Дүние-табиғат                  8.орман

4.хайуанат                            9.жоғалу

5.сай                                     10 қызыл  кітап

  1. IV. These words   of  our famous   and  native  poet  Қадір  Мырза Әлі concerns  us not  only  to  be a friend  of  nature   and  to    take  care  of it,   to  protect  and  to  be  environmental  educated
  2. Home task
  3. Giving marks