The Theme: the Earth is in danger

The Theme: the Earth is in danger

The aims of the lesson are:

.   To brush up the words connected with the theme

  • To discuss the topics which are the part of our theme
  • To find out how other people protect the environment and wildlife
  • To understand how important it is for us to save the Earth
  • To think of the ways you can protect the environment

Type of the lesson: conference

Aids: interactive board, tape recorder, music, a video “Black tears”

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organizational moment


The theme of today’s conference is “The Earth is in danger” and the motto of our lesson: “Future of our planet is in our hands”.


Teacher: Today we will speak about ecological problems on our planet,

We’ll try to find the ways of saving our planet, of solving ecological problems.

  1. Warming up

For discussing you need to know some words to the theme «Ecology». Now let’s check up how you know these words, look at the blackboard and read the words.

To kill                                        to breath

To destroy                                 impossible

To pollute                                  harm

To protect                                  dangerous

To poison                                   environment

Factory                                        to survive

Oxygen                                       atmosphere

Make up compounds with these words

III. The main course:

Dear ladies and gentlemen! You are welcome at our conference. The main questions we are going to discuss today are the environmental problems. Today we must pay attention to the main problems our planet suffers from and find the way out. We will decide how we can save the Earth. We will listen to and discuss several reports.  What ecological problems do you know? Let’s brainstorm these problems. Name them, please!

  1. brainstorming

Teacher: There are so many environmental problems on our planet and we can’t discuss all of them. It’s impossible to do. But we will speak  about the global ecological problems: air pollution, water pollution and animals and plants are in danger.

  1. Presentations made by students. Discussing the ecological problems

The 1st group. “Air pollution”




The 2 nd group. “Water pollution”


The 3rd group. “Animals are in da

Listen and fill in the gaps.

  1. Questions of journalists
  2. Do you believe that our environment is in danger?
  3. Do you agree that our nature is dangerously polluted?
  1.  Do you agree that because of land, air, and water pollution our plants and animals are dying?
  2.  Why do you think our environment is polluted?
  3.     Do you find that pollution is a very serious problem nowadays?
  4.     Why can’t fish live in rivers?
  5.     Why are the birds, animals and the wildlife in danger?
  6.     Do you think our planet needs protection?
  7. What ecological problems do you know in Kazakhstan?

(the Caspian sea, the  Aral sea, Lake Balkhash, some cities: Temirtau, Almaty, Atyrau, Semey.)

  1. Watching a video “Black tears” (The saddest video in the world) and discussing it
  1. Work in groups. Pupils will make a presentation about “Lake Balkhash”
  2. Teacher: Of course we know about these problems and we want to help our planet to survive. What can we do to protect nature? How can we save our planet?


  • We can recycle newspapers, bottles and metal cans.
  • We mustn’t cut down trees.
  • Feed birds in winter.
  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees. Keep all water clean.
  • Don’t cut wild flowers.
  • Try to avoid buying plastic. It’s hard to recycle.
  • Don`t break trees.
  • Don`t leave litter.
  • Keep the town tidy.
  • Respect the life and work of the countryside.
  • Put litter away.
  • Grow trees and flowers.
  • Don`t frighten birds and animals.
  • Don`t cut wild flowers.
  • Don`t burn fires.
  • Don’t hurt animals
  • Feed birds and help them
  • Plant trees and flowers
  • Clean rivers
  • Don’t cut down baby trees
  • Don’t paint on the trees
  • Organize clean up days
  1. Cinquain
  • Ecology
  • Polluted, dangerous
  • Clean, save, protect
  • Don’t pollute, don’t hurt, don’t spoil
  • Environment

Today we’ve tried to discuss the main ecological problems, to find out the ways of solving them. If we think globally and act locally, I’m sure we’ll survive!  It is good to live on a beautiful planet with clean and fresh air and water! Let’s save the Earth!

  1. Reflection. Singing a song: “Don’t kill the world”
  2. Evaluation: I hope now you understand how wonderful our planet is and you will do you the best to make it cleaner and safer. Thank you for being sociable, attentive and friendly to each other. The lesson is over! Good bye