Theme: Going to Kazakhstan

Theme:   Going to Kazakhstan

Grade: 8 ‘Ә’

Aims of the lesson:

  1. Students review previous material “Going to Britain”;
  2. To develop students speaking activities about Kazakhstan and Britain;
  3. To teach the 7th formers to respect their motherland.


Type of the lesson:  new theme

Form: a game

Method of the lesson: interactive — communicative.

Materials:  a slide about Great Britain, video and flipchart about Kazakhstan


Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment: the duty’s report
  2. Warm up:

Correct the words:

Populaton (population), capitalle (capital), chuch (church), sguare (square),

Areae (area).

  1. Checking of the homework:

Let’s check up your homework.

Students will discuss their slide  about GB.

  1. Presentation of new theme:

There is a video about Kazakhstan. Students will see the video about Kazakhstan. Then the  teacher will comment about Kazakhstan.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is situated in the Central Asia. The area of Kazakhstan is 2 753 000 square kilometres. Its population is about 16 million. Astana is the capital of the Republic. Kazakh is the official language.

         The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana. In 1997 by the order of the president of sovereign Kazakhstan N.Nazarbaev Akmola became the capital of Kazakhstan. On June,6 1998 according to the order of the president Akmola was renamed Astana.



New words:

  • Situated [‘sitjueitid] — орналасқан
  • kilometer [‘kilou’mitә] — километр
  • Anthem [‘әnөәm] — әнұран
  • Population [popjulei∫әn] – халық
  • Flag [flәg] ту


Teacher: O’k, have you got questions about Kazakhstan? If you understand all the information about Kazakhstan we will play a game. It is called “What? Where? When?”. You have to divide into 2 groups. You must choose captains and names of each teams. The first team is called Astana, another team is called London. The captain of the team “Astana” is Asel, the leader of the second team is Meirbek.

There are cells:



There are tasks about “Kazakhstan” under the each cells. Leaders of the teams consult with the members of the group and decide which cell they will choose. If they solve the task they get the point.

The tasks under the cells:

50(1). True or False

  1. Kazakhstan is situated in the Central Europe.
  2. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana.


50(2). Test

  1. What is the official language of Kazakhstan?
  2. Kazakh
  3. Russian
  4. English
  5. Who is the author of our national anthem?
  6. Nazarbaev and Sh.Kaldaiakov
  7. Kunanbaev and N.Nazarbaev
  8. Nazarbaev and K.Bolmanov


50(3). Make the words:

Curhch —                                       puloptoina –

Atenhm —                                      klomitere –


100(1). Answer the questions:

  1. How many population of Kazakhstan?
  2. What can you say about the size of the Kazakhstan?


100(2). Match the words with translations.

State emblem                         халық

Population                              елтаңба

Anthem                                  орналасқан

Kilometer                               километр

Situated                                  гимн

Church                                   ту

Flag                                        астана

Capital                                    шіркеу


100(3). Make 5 words:


  1. anthem
  2. population
  3. capital
  4. flag
  5. kilometer


200(1). Put the right words.

The area of the Kazakhstan is ______________  square kilometers.

The population of Kazakhstan is _____________ .


200(2). Special question.

Volunteer Jane will give them question.

200(3). Retell the text “Kazakhstan”.


Now we have to know the winner team. Let’s count the points of the teams.

  1. Giving them home work:

To make a slide about Kazakhstan.


  1. Giving the marks.

    The leaders will give the marks all the members of their team.

The lesson is over. Good-bye.