Theme: Jobs of the future Келешектегі жұмыс түрлері

Theme: Jobs of the future Келешектегі жұмыс түрлері

Aims of the lesson:  Келешектегі жұмыстар жайлы талқылау, ой бөлісу


1 Жұмыстарға сипаттама жасау, жұмыс жайлы әңгімелесу,             болжамдар жасау, тақырыптық сөздіктермен жұмыстар жүргізу

  1. Тыңдап түсіну , диалог құрастыру арқылы оқушының сөздік қорын кеңейту, ауызша сөйлеу дағдыларын жетілдіру
  2. Жауапкершілікке баулу, келешекте мамандық таңдауда дұрыс шешім қабылдауға бағыт беру


The form of the lesson: ақпараттық технологияны қолдану арқылы өткен сабақ

The type of the lesson: жаңа білімді игеру

The methods: interview, discussing, listening

Visual aids: interactive board, electronic book, textbook


The motion of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment
  2. Greeting
  3. Marking absent
  4. Speech drill
  5. Warm up

Match the pictures with the sentences and write who they are


III. The main part of the lesson

  1. Listening
  2. Pre –reading task. Work with vocabulary
  3. Listening to the text
  4. Quiz .( about text) work in groups
  5. Making up dialogue. What do you want to be in future?
  6. Guessing game. Paired letters.(try to find more words as you can)





Answering to following questions

  • What have you learnt today?
  • What kind of new words have you learnt?
  • Do you like the lesson?
  1. Conclusion
  2. Home task Writing an essay about professions
  3. To put mark
































Jobs in future


Have you ever dreamt about what your future will be like? Do you aspire to be someone great and famous? Or maybe all you want is to have a beautiful home. When you watch a television programmer, have you ever wished that doctor in the show? What do you want to work as in future?

There are many different occupations in this world and they are all important. Even the one who collects the rubbish has a noble task. Without him or her, we will not have a hygienic environment to live in .Or you can choose to be a doctor, dentist, scientist, astronaut, accountant, businessman, psychologist, psychiatrist, lawyer, policeman, pilot and the list goes on.

Every one of us plays an important role to create successful and prosperous society.

Take Jeanette, for example. She loves listening to her friends and caring for people and has done so since a young age. Her aspiration to be a psychiatrist came to pass after she finished her medical degree specializing in mental diseases. Her job includes talking to her patients, listening to their problems and prescribing medicine to help them. Jeanette has to more around the wards everyday to check on the patients. But unlike other doctors who treat the bodily sick, she takes care of a person’s mental health.

Treatment usually includes both therapy sessions, where patients get to express their thoughts through different ways and medication. Mental patients can get a relapse once agitated so most medication given is for calming them down. Many of them will also need help to sleep at night and that is when Jeanette needs to prescribe the correct medication to help them. She usually spends about 30 min. with each patient, depending on the individual.

Although it is a very challenging and tiring job, Jeanette does not mind and in fact, loves it. Her dream to be a psychiatrist has come true!