Сабақ тақырыбы: “Sightseeing tour around London”


Сабақ тақырыбы:  “Sightseeing tour around London”

Сынып: 8-сынып

Мақсаты: “Лондон және оның көрікті жерлері” тақырыбы бойынша лексикалық

және елтану материалын қайталау.

Міндеттері: 1 Оқу, тыңдау және монологтық сөйлеу білік дағдыларын

қалыптастыру; тақырып бойынша лексиканы қайталау.

2 Оқушылардың ойлау, салыстыру қабілеттерін дамыту, олардың       зейінін жаттықтыру.

3 Өздері тілін оқып жатқан мемлекеттің мәдениетіне, салт-дәстүріне және көркем орындарына қызығушылығын ояту.

Көрнекілік: Компьютер, проектор, Лондонның көркем орындарының слайдтары, Лондон картасы, таблицалар.

Сабақ барысы:

I Organization moment

-Good morning dear children!

We’ve got unusual lesson today a tour around London. We are going to speak about London and its most famous sights. We shall speak  about our dream vacation, about travelling, about London, its  history and sights . The aim of our lesson is to get as much information about London as possible. So, let’s begin our lesson.

This is the motto of our lesson:

The more you live,

The more you travel,

The more you travel,

The more you see,

The more you see,

The more you learn


II Brainstorming

  • First of all, let’s speak about your dream vacation. Where do you want to go?

What do you want to see? And with whom do you want to go? Use the table.


CountriesWhat/to seeWith whom /to go





I will go to__________ to see________________.

I will take my _________with me.

III Travelling

  • Every year a lot of people from different countries all over the world travel abroad for their holidays. What do you think about tourism?

P1: I think it is beautiful to discover new places. Travelling is a part of people’s education. You meet new culture, new traditions, and new people. To go abroad you must know foreign languages.

P2: I think the best place is your home. Your friends and your family are near you. You can speak your own language.

— I quite agree with you. “East or west, home is best” say the Englishmen. And today we, sitting at home, in Kazakhstan, can make a sightseeing tour to the United Kingdom. We shall speak about the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is London. On the map you can see that London is situated on the River Thames.

III  Sightseeing tour

T: What do you imagine or picture in your mind when you think of Britain?

S1: When I think of Britain I imagine the beautiful landscapes of Scotland. Scotland is in the north of Great Britain. The capital is Edinburgh. The symbol of the country is a thistle.

S2: When I think of Britain I picture in my mind the music festivals of Wales. Wales is  situated…

T: Let’s start our London sightseeing tour right now with our professional guides.

Now we begin our sightseeing tour on the double-decker bus.

S1:Welcome to London!  Let me introduce myself. I’m your group leader. I’m glad to meet you on this double-decker bus. London was founded in the 1st century A. D.  by the Romans, in the 11th century it  became a capital of England. The Great Fire of 1666 destroyed three quarters of the city. Today London is a big city. It covers more than 600 miles, consists of 33 separate boroughs, including The City, The West End, The East End.

London’s most famous sights are The Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.







  • Now we a re coming to Big Ben. The famous clock Big Ben stands near the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is a bell. You can hear it every hour. Its weight is about

13, 000 kilograms.


  • Now we are at Paul’s Cathedral.St. Paul’s Cathedral is the greatest of English churches. It is Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece. The construction of the Cathedral started in 1675 and was not finished until the 1709.

-Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence. Built in 1702-1705 for the Duke of Buckingham, it was sold in 1761 to George III. London’s most popular spectacle is Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. It lasts about 30 minutes

-Westminster Abbey is a symbol of England. It was built by King Edward in 1065. The coronation of all British kings and queens takes place in Westminster Abbey. Some famous English people are also buried  here.

-Now we are crossing Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge was built in 1894.  it is one of the famous bridges across the Thames. It opens and ships go up and down the River Thames. It is next to the Tower of  London.


  • The Tower of London is closely associated with many important events in English history. It has served as palace, prison, mint and menagerie. Many notable people lost their heads on the executioner’s block.










IV Match the words:

1. Buckinghama. Eye
2. St. Paul’sb. People
3. Westminsterc. Thames
4. Bigd. Bridge
5. The Tower ofe. Abbey
6. The Houses off. Palace
7. Towerg. Parliament
8. Londonh. Cathedral
9. Britishi. Ben
10. The riverj. London


V Quiz London.

Teacher: And now our Quiz.

When was the Great Fire of London? (In 1666).

Can you name the parts of London? (The City, the East End, the West End).

On what river is London situated? (On the river Thames).

What is the political centre of London? (Westminster).

Who was the architect of Saint Paul’s Cathedral?  (Christopher Wren )

What is the symbol of Wales?

What is the national anthem of Great Britain? (God save the King” )

What is London residence of Queen Elizabeth II?  (Buckingham Palace )

What is the name of the British national flag? Union Jack

How many people live in London? (8million)

How many people work in the City?

What is the East end?

VI  Video about London


VII  Conclusion of the lesson

-And now it’s time to share your impressions of our lesson. What did you like or dislike at the lesson? What have you learnt about London?

Teacher: Dear boys and girls! Thank you for your preparation and your activity at the lesson. I was greatly impressed with your answers. Your home task will be to write a short story “My Visit to London”