Theme of the lesson: Plants and animals

Theme of the lesson: Plants and animals

Aims of the lesson: 1. a) to speak about plants and animals;

  1. b) to learn the vocabulary on the topic;
  2. a) to understand oral speech;
  3. b) to enrich listening comprehension;

3)  to understand and love the nature;

Type of the lesson: Discussing

Method of the teaching: pair, group work

Visual aids: Pictures, cards, a tape- recorder, an interactive board

Connections with the subject: Geography

Procedure of the lesson

I Org moment

Short conversation teacher pupil on duty

Talking about (season, weather, date of the day)

  • What autumn month’s are? Name me it?
  • Who want’ s to describe the season autumn

II Checking up the home task

  • to write poems about animals
  • Listening task Ex;8 from CDR
  • To put questions for discussion

What is your  favorite animals or flowers?

III Checking up the pupils knowledge

  1. Do you know anything about life in the desert?
  2. Is there water?
  3. What kind of animals live there?

4.Do you know anything about life in the tropical forest?

  1. What animals live there?

IV Explanation of the new material

Remember the words:  practice the pronunciation

Cool [ ku: l]  adj –  салқын

Insects [ ‘ insekt] n –  жәндік

Lifeless [ ‘laiflis] adj –  жансыз, өмірсіз

Hide [ haid]  v –  тығылу

Seed [ si:d] n –  дән, астық

Wither [ ‘ wi  ә ] v – солу

 Read and remember

a wolf – wolves

a fox – foxes

 a squirrel – squirrels

a  rabbit – rabbits

a  zoo – zoos [ zu: z]

Work with book. Read the text about “Dogs and foxes”

                                                               “ Life in the desert”




Work with CDR



Sing the song “ Dance with me”

Listening task:  complete the  dialogue  with  Present simple tense

Chris: Hello, Anne. How _do_ you   usually  spend   your  free time?

Anne: I   usually  go to the  cinema

Chris:  Do  you  always  drive there?

Anne: No, sometimes go by tram

Chris:  Don’t  you go by bus? I saw a bus stop next to your house

Anne: Well, I don’t    like to go by bus


Work with CDR



V Conclusion of the lesson

1) What we must do that to grow this flower?


2) What we must do that to keep animals on the world?


VI Home task: to solve

                       R i d d l e s

  1. lives in the house. It likes fish and meat


  1. It lives in the forest. It likes bananas


  1. This animal likes grass. It is a domestic animal. It gives us milk.




VII Commenting marks