Theme of the lesson: Sport in our life

Theme of the lesson: Sport in our life

The aims:

Training reading and speaking drills doing different tasks.

Talking and asking about the sport in Kazakhstan

To develop the knowledge of pupils reading and speaking skills

The visual aids: Pictures, books, interactive board

Educational aim: To interesting pupils in sport and to   take up good habits


The course of the lesson:

I.Org moment:          -Good morning pupils!

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

-What day is it today?

-What’s the weather like today?

-What season is it now?

  1. New theme: Today we’ll have new theme. At first  we must divete into 2 group.Give  stickers  please. Look at the interactive board. Look at the video. (видео көрсету). What about this video? Yes all right this video about sport.What kind of sport do you know?

Sport is an important part of our life First of all, sport builds character. It teaches to win. It makes you strong fast besides it teaches you about life and  it is a good you to meet people even from countries. But you must a good sportsman for that.

  • Work with the new words:
  • horse racing – ат жарыс
  • weight lifing –
  • cross country skiing- ойлы қырлы жерлермен шаңғымен жүру
  • support – қолдау
  • transmit – таратылу (радио немесе теледидардан)
  • amateur – әуесқой спортшы
  • tournament – турнир, жарыс
  • wrestling – күрес
  • keeps them fit – форманы сақтау
  • professional – кәсіпқой
  • sporting societies – спорт қоғамы

cricket-  крикет

rugby  — регби

squash —  теннистің бір түрі

netball — баскетбол

  1. Work with text Sport in Kazakhstan
  • Sport helps people to stay in a good shape, keeps them fit, healthy and makes them more organized, better disciplined in their daily activities and energetic.
  • Many sports are popular in Kazakhstan. They are: football,tennis,hockey,weight-lifting,track and field,basketball, volleyball, boxing,judo and carate, cross-country skiing, figure skating, climbing mountains, horse-racing.
  • All these sports have their strong supporters and fans. Thousands of people go to the stadium to support their favourite team and many thousands more watch the game on TV. For many people sport is the main form of entertainment. The people in the Republic of Kazakhstan are not only sports fans. They take an active part in all sports and sports activities, professional and amateur.
  • There  are different sporting societies and amateur clubs in the Republic of Some of them constantly take part in different international tournaments. Football clubs Kairat (Almaty) and Vostok(Oskemen) are well-known to their fans.      Kazakhstani sportsmen have won a great number of world records in gymnastics, judo, wrestling, athletics.

International and national matches attract many fans. Some most important games and sport events are transmitted over the radio.


Sport in Britain


  • In Britain, forty per cent of the population regulary play a sport. There are many differences between sport in Britain in and other countries. For example , skiing is not very popular in Britain as there are not many mountains. Skiing  can  in certain parts of Scotland or they go to Austria, Italy, France or Switzerland. Basketball and volleyball are not very popular in Britain, bur many people play rugby. The British play many sports that  are unknown in most other countries, for example: criket, squash and netball.
  • Cricket is a typically British sport which foreigners have difficulty in understanding. There are two teams of eleven players. Matches last from one to five days. Many people think it is a slow and boring game, but it can be very exciting and rather dangerous.
  • Squash is another British invention. It is form of tennis.There are two players and they use rackets similar to tennis rackets and a small, black rubber ball. They play indoors. It is a very fast and tiring sport.
  • Netball is similsr to basketball . There are seven players (usually girls or women ) in each team and the object of the game is the same as in basketball : to throw the ball throut a net at the top of a three – metre post.


  1. Answer the questions:
  2. What does sport help people  to do?
  3. What sports are popular in Kazakhstan?
  4. Where can amateurs go in for sports?
  5. What sports are popular in Britain? Cricket, rugby, squash netball
  6. How many players have in netball? 7 players
  7. Complete the sentences
  8. Many sports are popular in Kazakhstan.
  9. Thousands of people go to the stadium.
  10. There are many different sporting societies and amateur clubs.
  11. Horse raicing is very popular in Kazakhstan.
  12. Squash is another British invention.
  13. Netball is similar to
  14. Rugby is a popular sport in Britain.
  15. Cricket is a typically British sport.
  • Project work
  1. Bekzat – Ilya Ilin
  2. Aruna – Serik Sapiev
  3. Aida –
  4. Ersin –
  5. Ademi – Our class’s sportsmen
  • Grammar Past Continuous Tense   видео


Past Continuous өткен шақтағы аяқталмаған іс әрекетті білдіреді. Бұл өткен шақта белгілі бір уақытта болып жатқан созылмалы іс- әрекет. I was watching TV at 7 o’clock in the evening.

  • Todd Morinovich is an American football star. In childhood when all his friends _________(eat)
  • I _______________(begin) to think it was all a lot of nonsence.
  • There ______________(go)to be a school athletics meeting.
  • Nick ______________(play) tennis at that moment.
  • Steve _______________(play) tennis , when John entered the stadium.
  • Yesterday at 4 o’clock we _____________(watch) a football.
  1. Boxer, gymnasts, wrestling, running, winner, figure-skating

1.Vasily Zhirov from Kazakhstan is the best and strongest boxer in the world.

  1. Seric Eleuov a boxer from Karaganda, became the bronze medal winner.
  2. Aliya Yusupova, a 20-year girl from Chimkent was the to get the main price in gymnasts in the Olimpics.

4.Olga Shishigina is an Olimpic champion in running.

  1. Beibit Istibayev was the champion “Kazakhstan Barisi”

on  tournament is wrestling.

  1. Ten Denis a 17-year old schoolboy was the 1st in figure-skating
  1. Conclusion
  2. Complete the   diagramme
  • Home task: Write down short story about sport

The lesson is over good bye!