Grammar revision, Elvis Presley

The theme:  Grammar revision,  Elvis Presley

The aim: To review grammar rules; introducing with Elvis’s biography;                                             improving of speaking    skills; to teach to respect art;

The aids:  computer, interactive  board, pictures, e-book, cards;

Connecting with other subjects: Kazakh, Russian, Geography, History, Music;

The methods: CT technology;

The procedure:

  1. Organization moment
  2. Checking the homework
  3. Warm up
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Grammar revision
  6. New lesson



—²Warm-up: Tung-twister;

FGrammar revision: The modal verb “ should”

Ex:№1,p-177;You are giving advice to a friend. Use should or shouldn’t.



a star[ә st a: ]-жұлдыз

poor[puә: ]- кедей, жарлы

influence[influәns]- әсер

a rifle[rifl]-  тапанша

a truck[trʌk]- жүк көлігі

to move[mu:v]- көшу

to interrupt[intәrәpt]- бөлу, үзілу

to record[rikᴐ:d]- таспаға жазу

a song[sᴐἠ]- ән

success[sʌksәs]- сәттілік

— Do the activities with new word

— New theme, introducing with Elvis’s biography. There are materials with the photos and videos about Elvis Presley at the interactive board and teacher ’ll introduce them to children.

   — Watching video about Elvis’s biography;

  • Reading and speaking, Ex:2, p-178;

 Teacher divide pupils into 4 groups and they’ll read and translate the text themselves. Ex.2, p-178;

  • Ex.3, p-178; Point the sentences.

Listening to the popular songs of Elvis. “ Only you”,                            “Love me tender”, “ I love the rock-n-roll”,etc;  


  1. Asking the pupils “ What do you know about Elvis?”, making the diagram;( “Association” strategy)
  2. Giving marks and homework: Ex:4, p-179;



                 Regional seminar of English teachers