The theme of the lesson: Outstanding people of Kazakhstan

The theme of the lesson: Outstanding people of Kazakhstan

The aim of the lesson: to enlarge pupils’ knowledge about great son of Kazakh

Abai Kunanbaev.

The type of the lesson: traditional lesson

The equipments of the lesson: interactive board, picture, cards
The motion of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:
  2. Greeting pupils
  3. Checking up the home task. To prepare a project work about “Abay’s personality”
  4. To mark pupils’ knowledge with stars
  5. Phonetic exercise.

III. The main part of the lesson: The work with the text.”Abai Kunanbaev”

  1. Listening of the text
  2. Write the missing words in the text and check with the interactive board
  3. Reading and translating of the text
  4. Find the words which show the main meaning of the text
  5. Grammar exercises: To define the Tenses of the following sentences.
  6. Abai was born in 1845.(Past Simple)
  7. Abai had mastered the Arabic, Persian and Russian languages.(Past Perfect)
  8. In his creative works Abai describes nature, life and traditions of common people. (Present Simple)
  9. The Words of Abai have been translated into many foreign languages.
  10. Having a rest
  11. Matching the sentences. “The Words of Edification” Abai Kunanbaeyev. To match Kazakh, Russian and English sentences.

VII. To write a poem. Poet, Abai, Zhidebai

  1. One noun
  2. Two adjectives
  3. Three verbs
  4. One sentence with four words
  5. Synonym to the noun

VII. Marking pupils’ knowledge. IX. Home task ”My native Region”