Theme: Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan

Theme: Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan


Educational: to enrich pupils’ knowledge about education the capital of our country, to enlarge pupils’ vocabulary.

Developing: to develop pupils’ reading and writing skills

Bringing- up: to develop pupils’ work in groups, to be friendly in touching.


The motion of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:
  2. A) Greeting
  3. B) Checking up the homework

III. To divide the class into three groups with the help of modern buildings of Kazakhstan:

The group “Ak Orda” will speak about the history of Kazakhstan;

The group “Pyramids” will speak about the geographical position of Kazakhstan;

The group “Baiterek” will speak about the modern buildings of Kazakhstan.

Answer the questions:

  • What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
  • Where is the“Baiterek” situated?
  • Where will “EXPO-2017” take place?
  1. New words

Population-  халық

Famous-  танымал

Capital- астана

Rename – қайта атау

Prosperity- молшылық

Happiness – бақыт

Symbol — белгі

  1. The work with the text.

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan

Astana (the former Akmola) was founded in 1830. In 1862 stanitsa  Akmola got the status of a town. In March 1917 the Soviet Power was established in Akmola. In 1961 Akmola was renamed into Tselinograd and became the centre of Tselinny Krai.In 1992 the city got its name Akmola again and since October 1997 Akmola has become a new capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Later on it got its present name Astana.

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It occupies the north-western part of the Sary Arka, on the river Ishim. The climate is extreme continental and drought- prone. The scorching summers bring dust storms and hot, dry winds.  Astana is a modern growing city, a political, financial, economic, scientific and socio-cultural centre of the state. In 1999 Astana was awarded with the medal and little of City of Peace by UNESCO

There are a lot of magnificent beautiful buildings, higher educational establishments, colleges and secondary schools, hotels, banks and other commercial structures in Astana, the new capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There are many places of interest in Astana: the Central Square the Republic Avenue, the Palace of Youth and the Bridge across the Ishim River, the Reginal Museum of Fine Arts and others. From everywhere you can see Baiterek, the symbol of prosperity and happiness.

The Baiterek Tower has become the city’s symbol and its visiting card. The height of the structure is 105 meters. At the height of 97 meters there is an observation deck providing a bird’s eye view of the city. The figure of 97 was not chosen at random. It symbolizes the year of the movement of the capital from Almaty to Astana. The Baiterek Tower accommodates an art gallery, a large aquarium and a restaurant.

Three group prepare the poster about the capital of Kazakhstan.

  1. Conclusion of the lesson:


  1.    When was founded Astana (the former Akmola)?
  2. A) in 1830
  3. B) in 1930
  4. C) in 1960
  5. What is the name of the capital of Kazakhstan at present time?
  6. A) Almaty
  7. B) Akmola
  8. C) Astana
  9. Where was the Soviet Power established in March 1917?
  10. A) in Astana
  11. B) in Akmola
  12. C) in Almaty
  13. When has Astana became a new capital of Kazakhstan?
  14. A) in 1999
  15. B) in 1998
  16. c) in 1997
  17. On what river is Atana situated?
  18. A) Ertis
  19. B) Ishim
  20. C) Zhaiyk
  21. When was Astana awarded with the medal and title of City of Peace by UNESCO?
  22. A) in 1999
  23. B) in 1998
  24. C) in 1997
  25. What is the symbol of the Baiterek Tower?
  26. A) peace and happiness
  27. B) freedom
  28. C) prosperity and happiness


  1. a) Marking pupils’ knowledge
  2. b) Giving the home work: to write an essay “My native region”