Тhe theme of the lesson: What nice weather!

Тhe theme of the lesson:  What  nice weather!

The aim of the lesson:

Educational:  to consolidate lexical stock, to encourage students in dialogue and to

express their opinions, to enrich students vocabulary.

Developing:    to develop pupils creative and  logical  abilities, understanding, reading

and writing, grammar and lexical skills.


Bringing-up:   to bring up love and interest to the subject , to respect each other, to

Create an  English atmosphere in the classroom.


connection :    Kazakh, Russian, history

The type of the lesson: presentation,integrative

Methods of teaching: training,explanation, demonstration, interaction

The equipment of the lesson: A.Visual aids: diagrams on the tasks, pictures, posters.

B.Technical means: computers, interactive board, E- book

by programme “Baiterek”


The plan of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment
  2. Check up the home-work

III. Presentation the theme “What nice weather”

  1. New lexical words:snow,freeze,get,sunny,street,cloudy,holidays,fall,windy,leaves,fall, trees
  2. Text “Seasons in Great Britain”
  3. Check yourself


VII. Do some activities


IX.Home – work



The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

T: Good afternoon, boys and girls!

P: Good afternoon, good afternoon

Good afternoon to you.

Good afternoon, good afternoon

We are glad to see you!

T: Thank you, boys and girls!

I am glad to see you , too!

Let us introduce yourself and your friend.

(Ребята знакомят друг друга)

T: Boys and girls! Let΄s come to an agreement

(Келісім қабылдаймыз)



Come to an agreement

1.Listen each other and respected

2.Speak truly and distinctly

3.Respect friend’s opinions

4.Don’t interrupted when your friend is performed


b)Marking of the absentees


  1. Checking home task.

T: Pupils! I’ll give you at home Ex.2,3 at p.79 and learn by heart new lexical words:  ancient, agriculture, flat, especially, population.

I’ll give some tasks: 1.Retell the text “Cambridge”

2.Task “Match”

  1. Task “Write in ABC order”
  2. Referat  “Cambridge University”

Thank you! You are quite very well.

III. T: Pupils! Look at this box! This box is magic. Do you want to know what is there?

P: Ok.

T:  Good. I am opening the box. In the box we have one poster with the task. Let’s do this task:                                                                      Yes or NO/ Circle the letters.

Yes                         No

  1. She is speaking English N                          W

(рисунок девочки, говорящеи на арабском языке )

  1. He has a dog A                          E

(рисунок мальчика с сумкой в руке)

  1. They are carrying books A                           O

(рисунок девочек, несущих книги)

  1. Asel has many flowers I                                      T

(рисунок девочки с телефоном в руке)

  1. Tom is running H                          U

(рисунок бегущего мальчика)

  1. This is a book R                           E

(рисунок компьютера)

  1. Is this a bag? T                           R

(рисунок  тетради)


Write the word:          WEATHER

So, boys and girls! What about our lesson?  Yes, our lesson is about weather. Open your copy book write down today’s day and date.The theme of our lesson”What nice weather”

(Today is the 10th of December)

IV.Working with the text

1) New lexical words: snow [snәυ] — қар (снег)

Freeze [fri: z] -тону, қату (замерзать, мерзнуть)

Get [get] – алу (получать, доставать)

Trees [tri: z] – теректер (деревья)

Sunny [́sΛni] – шуақты (солнечный,радостный)

Street [stri: t] – көше (улица)

Cloudy [klaυdi] – бұлтты (облачный)

Summer holidays [΄sΛmә ΄hפli˛deiz] – жазғы демалыс

(летние каникулы)

Fall [fב: l] по американски   —  күз (осень)

Windy [́windi] —  желді (ветреный)

Leaves [li:vz]  — жапырақтар (листья)

2) Listen to the electronic book and follow the reading.

Comment: Pupils! In America people called autumn “fall”.

3) Do some tasks (Supplement 1,2,3)

  1. Check yourself (Supplement 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11)
  2. Grammar: Numerals (Числительные. Сан есім)

Сан есім есептік және реттік болып бөлінеді.Қанша? Неше? cұрақтарына жауап беретін  сан есімдерді есептік сан есім дейміз: екі, үш, жеті.

Нешінші? сұрағына жауап беретін сан есімдерді реттік сан есім дейміз: екінші, үшінші, жетінші.Реттік сан есім есептік сан есімге –ыншы,-інші, -ншы,-нші жұрнақтарды жалғану арқылы жасалады.

Числительное – часть речи , которая обозначает количество предметов или порядок предметов по счету. Имена числительные делятся на количественные и порядковые.

Числительные, которые обозначают количество предметов, называют количественными числительными.

Например: Сколько у тебя книг?- У меня три книги.

Порядковые числительные обозначают порядок предметов по счету.

Например: Какую книгу ты читаешь( по порядку)?

Я читаю первую книгу.


В английском языке имена числительные делятся на  количественные и порядковые.

Listen to the electron  book.(Учащиеся слушают правило на английском языке ) (Supplement 12)


Do the activities: Can you count? Cuess the word.  (Supplement 13)

VII. Conclusion.

T: -What kind  of  Kazakh, Russian, English proverbs about weather do you know?…

VIII. Home task:1) Write esse  “My favourite weather”

2) Draw some pictures to the theme”Weather”

3) Learn by heart new lexical words

  1. Evaluation.