Theme of the lesson: “Nature of Almaty”

Theme of the lesson: “Nature of Almaty”

The aim of the lesson:

1)  to practice in speaking and listening; develop pupil’s speaking; to enrich pupil’s vocabulary;

2)  to develop perception, logic, imagination and creativeness;

3)  to bring up the pupil’s attitudes to getting knowledge; to explain the importance of getting knowledge;

The type of the lesson: traditional lesson;

The methods of the lesson: game technology ; review of the vocabulary; presentation of the information; reading;

Inter-subject connection: Geography, Russian.

The visual aids: slide show,  cards, dictionary, tests.


Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment.

Good evening, dear pupils!

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

Today we have an open lesson on the subject “Nature of Almaty”. We will see as our nature is rich and beautiful.

Before beginning our lesson I want to  show the table of points. The lesson will be broken into rounds where you have to collect the points. Who will gather more points that will receive the highest mark. I wish you good luck!

  1. The main part of the lesson:
  2. First round is call “Remember”

I’ll give you cards. You have totranslate into Russian  the sentences where are used should have, could have, must have or would have in a realistic context. It must take 3 minutes. Let’s begin!

  1. Second round “Sightseeing of Almaty”

To show  the slides with the pictures of Almaty nature. Pupils must read and translate the short texts below the slides.

  1. Third round “Puzzle”

Guess what the word hide in pictures.


New Zealand

AustraliaKyrgyzstanHungarySaudi ArabianTurkeyAzerbaijanNetherlands


  1. Fourth round “Test”

Answer the guestion. For each correct answer 2 points.

  1. Warm-up “Crossword”

To fill in the crossword with the words, on the passable subject.

                                              ChAryn  Canyon
                                     UlkenAlmaty River


  • The end of the lesson.

To count points, put marks.

Home task is text Medeu to read and translate.

The lesson is over. You are free!

Thank you for attention!