Theme of the lesson: MY ROOM

Grade: 5

Theme of the lesson: MY ROOM

The aims of the lesson: To explain new materials: pronoun some and any;

To pronounce the new words correctly;

To do exercises;

To encourage real use of language in group and pair work;

To develop the students speaking, reading habits, drawing conclusion.

The type of the lesson: asking and answering lesson (revision)

Teaching methods: “Question-Answer”, developing, comparing

Aids of the lesson: interactive board, markers, papers, Venn diagram, pictures


  1. Organization moment:
  2. a) Greeting
  3. b) Dialogue with on duty
  4. Phonetic – drill
  • Checking up home-task
  1. New lesson
  2. New vocabulary
  3. Exercises: work the dialogue and text.
  4. Reading, speaking, translating
  5. Sing a song
  6. Grammar
  • Practice (writing)
  • Individual work
  1. Group work
  2. Conclusion
  3. Marking
  4. Home-task


  1. Organization moment:
  2. Greeting:
  • Good afternoon!
  • Good afternoon, teacher
  • Dear pupils and guests welcome to our lesson.
  1. dialogue with on duty:
  • Who is on duty today?
  • Who is absent?
  1. Phonetic – drill
  2. Let’s begin with phonetic drills. Look at the blackboard and repeat after me.

[ w ]       —  wall,  world, window, what, wardrobe

[ ʧ ]        —  chair, armchair, picture, kitchen

[ t ]         —  table, carpet, curtain, poster, tidy

[ d ]        —  dream, desk, do, does

[ ð]         —  this, that, there is, there are

[ θ ]        —  bath, bathroom, thank, things


  • Checking up home-task

— What was you home-task for today?

—  Your home task was to learn new words and to write some sentences using the structure there is/ are.

Group A. There is + a(article) + Nsing + room (жекеше түрдегі затты сипаттағанда)

Group B. There are + Nplu + room  (көпше түрдегі затты сипаттағанда)

  1.       New lesson
    Let’s begin our lesson. Look at the board. Today will take the new theme MY ROOM. Open your copy-books. Write theme and date today.
    a) new vocabulary

    Now, pupils look at the board and repeat after me.
    a picture            [piktƒə]            сурет
    a pillow             [ piləu]             жастық

a mirror             [ mirə]             айна

need                  [ ni : d]            қажет ету, қажет болу, керек ету

enough              [ i’n  f]             жеткілікті

units                  [ ju:nits]           заттар

some                 [s  m]               біраз, бірнеше

any                    [ ‘eni ]             әйтеуір бір, қанша болса да

buy                    [ bai ]              сатып алу

shop                   [ ƒоp ]             дүкен
 b) Exercises: work the dialogue and text

Let’s  do exercises.

Group A. Ex 4.pg126 read and translate the text Carol’s House

There are 2 rooms in Carol’s house: a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. There isn’t any study in the house. There are some flowers on the fire. There aren’t any plants on the fire. There is a carpet in front of the fire. There are books on the shelf. There are some hooks.
Group B. Ex 2.pg126 read and translate the dialogue

A: Are there any pictures on the walls?

D: Yes, there are some pictures on the walls

A: Are there any pillows on the sofa?

D: Yes, there are some pillows on the sofa.

A: Are there any chairs in the room?

D: No, there aren’t any chairs in the room

  1. Sing a song. The House song


  1. Where’s Mr.Penguin?

He’s in the bedroom

Where’s baby Elephant?

He’s in the bathroom

What’s  be doing?

He’s taking a bath

Bedroom, bathroom

Living room, dining room

Kitchen-not chicken


  1. Where’s Mr.Lion?

He’s  in the living room

What’s he doing?

He’s watching TV

Where’s Billy Beaver?

He’s in the dining room

What’s he doing?

He’s studying English

  1. Grammar: Pronoun some and any.

Some/any есімдіктерінің қолданылуына назар аударайық.

                  Some/any used there are

 Pronoun some we must use in positive sentences.

Pronoun any we must use in negative and interrogative sentences

  • Practice (writing)

Group A. Ex.4 pg126

Group B. Ex 3 pg126


  • Individual work

Level I           Choose the correct answer:

You can sleep there! bathroom kitchen bedroom                            You can play and walk there! garden factory kitchen

You can eat and cook there! garden kitchen factory                  You can live there! factory garden house

You can clean your teeth there! hall bedroom bathroom           You can watch TV there! bathroom living-room factory

Level II

dining roomliving room
living roomdining room bedroom
 bathroom   bedroom basement kitchenhall
living room
 garden garage backyard

                       Level III


chair                        cooker                armchair              sofa                        lamp         sofa                         fireplace             bed                       bed                        cooker                 armchair                 fridge                  sofa                      bookcase               sofa     

  1. Group work

Group A. Venn diagram. Bedroom and Bathroom

Group B.
Сіздер өздеріңізді 5-сыныптың оқушылары емеспіз деп елестетіңдер. Сіздер жас, креативті дизайнерлерсіңдер. Бір ағылшын компаниясы сіздерге жоба жасауға тапсырыс берді. Ол балалар бөлмесінің жобасы. Ол үшін сіздер жақсы сыйақы аласыздар. Сонымен тапсырмаларыңыз: Балалар бөлмесін мына ақ параққа салып, ағылшын тілінде қысқаша айтып берулеріңіз керек.

    Х. Conclusion

  1. Marking b)    Home-task Ex 14