The theme of the lesson: “My school”

Subject: English

Form: 6


The theme of the lesson: “My school”

The aims of the lesson:

  1. a) educational: to introduce students with new words, reading for the specific information, speaking about school;
    b) developing: to develop the students’ reading, writing and speaking skills and enlarge their vocabulary
    c) bringing up: to bring up the students’ interest for the school
    The methods of the lesson: speaking, completing, question-answer .
    The type of the lesson
    : combined lesson

Visual aids of the lesson:  Slide show, pictures, cards.
Connection with other subjects: all subjects

The plan of the lesson:


  1. Organization moment

Good morning children!

  • How are you today?
  • Who is on duty today?
  • What date is it today?
  • What day is it today?
  • Who is absent?
  1. The check- up of the home task

T: So you study a lot of useful subjects at school and  you learn a lot of interesting things at your lessons. Now let’s remember what exactly you do at each lesson. We are going to work in pairs and do the exercise on the sheet of paper. Your task is to match the words with the name of a subject. Then you should make up sentences as in the example.

(Match the words with the name of a subject. Make up sentences as in the example.

Example: We read stories and poems at our Reading lessons.

1) read stories and poems
2) make different things
3) draw pictures
4) speak English
5) run, jump and ski
6) learn things about nature
7) sing songs
8) learn Russian and write exercises
9) study numbers, count
Nature Study


T: What subjects do you have?

What are these subjects?

            sohytir                  History

  • lehgins English
  • oligbyo Biology
  • cusmi Music
  • stmah   Maths

T: Now guess, what subjects am I talking about?

III. Warm up

Let us relax and sing a song “If you are happy”

  1. New words

Sport ground-





Assemble hall


  1. Work with text

My School

My school is a three-storied building. It is quite big with sport ground behind it.

On the ground floor there are the classrooms for the primary-school pupils, library. Our school library is nice and clean. Two librarians help pupils to find books they need. There are many bookcases and bookshelves with a lot of books there. If you enter the school and turn right you see a big light dining-room. It is always busy and noisy, but it is clean. Here pupils and their teachers have their lunch.  In our school we have also painting group, dance group, theatre group and rock group. All these groups are very popular and many pupils attend them.

There is a gymnasium on the ground floor as well. Our physical training lessons are held there. Pupils like to go there after the lessons, because it has a lot of sport equipment. Our school has many classrooms. The classrooms are light and spacious. There are special classrooms for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, English, and Russian. On the third floor there is a big nice assemble hall. A lot of meetings, concerts, festivals are held there.Our classroom is on the second floor. There is a good tradition in our school. Every year people who graduated our school come here to meet their teachers and classmates. These meetings take place every first Saturday of February.

I think that school years are very important for every person.

I am so thankful to our teachers for what they have done for us.

1. Is your school rather big?
2. How many floors are there?
3. Is there a library?
4. What do the classrooms look like?
5. Do you like your school?

  1. Physical training

Let us relax

VII. Work with exercises

Task 2

get up / I / 7 o’clock / at

have breakfast / at / I / 7.30

go / I / at / 8.15 / to school

have got / English / Friday / on / we / lesson

jump / I / run / at / and / the break

my / is / History / subject / favourite

I / at / go / 10.40 / to bed

Task 3

German / have got / we / Monday / on

have supper / at / I / 14.45

do homework / I / 18.00 / at

watch TV / school / I / after

the breaks / run / we / during

like / to play / I / the lessons / at

to get / I / good marks / the lessons / like / at

Task 4

What is your school’s number?

And during the breaks?

My school is large.

What is your favourite subject?

Yes, we do.

What do you do at the lessons?

Is your school large or small?

The number of my school is 72.


Do you like your school?

Do you play at the lessons?

My favourite subject(s) is (are)…

We …, …, … at the lessons.

Yes, I do.

We …, … and … .


VIII. Consolidation of the new lesson

  1. At which school did you study?
    2. Where was your school situated?
    3. Why did all the children from the neighborhood go to your school?
    4. When was the school built?
    5. Were the classrooms light and spacious?
    6. Is your school rather big?
    7. How many floors are there?
    8. Is there a library?
    9. Do you like your school?
  2. Homework

 Topic “My school”

  1. Evaluation
    Pupils you are very active today, your marks are 5, 4, …
    (They’ll bring their diaries to the teacher to their marks)
  2. The end of the lesson
    — The lesson is over. You are free
    — Good-bye pupils
    — Good-bye teacher.