Theme of the lesson: My primary school

Theme of the lesson:My primary school
Aims of the lesson:a) To give pupils some more information about primary education. To do exercises using first conditional.
 b) to develop pupils’ skills of speaking and reading
 c) to bring up pupils to be active at the lesson
Visual aids:Interactive board, presentation with web links

Plan of the lesson:


I.                  Organization moment

II.               Checking homework

III.           Brainstorming

IV.            New theme

V.               Grammar practice

VI.            Conclusion


I.                  Organization moment


—         Greetings;

—         Conversation with duty…


II.               Checking homework


—         What was your homework for today?

—         Are you ready?

—         Ex.VIII p 140 … translate the sentences into your native language.

1.     Оның отбасы Семейден Алматыға екі жыл бурын көшіп келген болатын

2.     Оның бизнес оқуын бастағанына көп уақыт бола қойған жоқ.

3.     Бизнесін бастағанда оған ешкім көмектескен жоқ.

4.     Әдеттегіден тыс жағдайлар болып қалмаған күнде, біз сол қалпымызда көше береміз.

5.     Бастауыш мектепте төрт жыл білім алғаннан соң, ол орта буынға көшті.

6.     Бастауыш және орта буын білімі жалпы он бір жылдық білімді құрайды.

7.     Қазақстан Республикасында барлық балалар білім алуға міндетті.

8.     Мектепте оқу жылы тоғыз айға созылады.


III.           Brainstorming. To solve a crossword “Education”


1. It stands after “D” and before “F” in alphabet.    E

2. What’s English for “мереке?  HoliDay

3. How are all animals living wild in a particular place called?  FaUna

4. If I have much money. I’ll buy a new ….    biCycle

5. What’s the capital of Republic of Kazakhstan?       Astana

6. What’s English for “ластану”? polluTion

7. Opposite meaning of “little”   bIg

8. What’s the capital of England?   londoN


We’ve made a word “Education”, at the previous lesson we began an unit about education. So today, we’ll continue our theme about education….


IV. New theme

Open your copybooks , write down the date of today


The 24th of February

My primary school


Today we’ll work with level tasks…


Level I

1.     Read the text. Understand its meaning.

2.     Speaking on the text. Answer the questions. Ex 2 p 141


Pupils, let us remember the first Conditional sentences…


Turn these sentences into conditional


1.     After four years of primary school I went to secondary school.

2.     Our school year began on the first of September and ended in May.


1.     If I study four years of primary school, I will go to secondary school.

2.     If the school year begins on the first of September, it will end in May.  



Level II

1.     Ex III p 141


1.     Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan

2.     I started school at the age of seven.

3.     Nine years of classes are compulsory

4.     Our school year usually begins on the first of September.

5.     On the first of September we get acquainted with our teacher.


2.     Ex IV p 141


1.     After four years of primary school classes I went to secondary school.

2.     Primary and secondary schools together comprise eleven years of study.

3.     The primary school curriculum included such subjects as Kazakh, Maths, Russian, Drawing, Physical Training and Music.

4.     Our school year begins on the first of September and ends in May. It lasts 9 months.

5.     On the first of September we get acquainted with our teacher.


IV.            Grammar practice


Level III


1.     Grammar exercise


1. If you (not study), you (fail) the test.
2. We (die) if we (not get) help soon!
3. If you (look) in the fridge, you (find) some cold drinks.
4. If there (be) no oil in the engine, the car (break) down.
5. I (lend) you my umbrella if you (need) it.
6. The sea level (rise) if the planet (get) hotter.
7. If you (eat) your sandwiches now, you (not have) anything for lunch!
8. You (be) safe in an accident if you (wear) your seatbelt.
9. If he (save) all his money, he (be able to go) on holiday to Canada.
10. I (not come) with you if you (not bring) John! 



2.     Doing online test

3.     Ex IV p 142… write short story about your primary school using these words:  ordinary, primary, secondary, comprise, compulsory, curriculum, include.


V.               Conclusion.


Homework    Ex VII p 142 to learn by heart a poem “School”


Giving marks