Theme: My plans for future

Theme: My plans for future


grade:8 b

aims:1)Оқушыларды “My plans for future” тақырыбын болашаққа жоспарлары жайлы ойларын айтып,текстті қазақшаға және ағылшын тіліне аударып,әңгімелей білуге үйрету.

2)Оқушылардың ойлау,есте сақтау қабілеттерін арттыру,сөздік қорын көбейту.

3)Оқушыларды еңбек сүйгіштікке,армандауға және сол арманға жетуге талпына білуге тәрбиелеу.


І.Organization moment  -Good afternoon boys and girls!

-Good afternoon teacher!

-How are you?

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent?

-What date is it today?

-What day is it today?

















III.Checking up the homework


        1. My sister would come to see me


b) if she were not busy today
       2. He would have bought the book


a) if he had had enough money at that moment
       3. Patty’s dreams would probably have come truee) if the jug of milk hadn’t fallen on the road.
1.    He would have passed the exam


c) if he hadn’t made so many grammar mistakes
2.    We shall save our Planet


d) if we care about the environment


IV.Look at the film please

-What do you understand about this film?

-How you can think what’s about our new theme?

(maybe about profession,about future plans,maybe about our future)


-Today our new theme is:My plans for future.Today we will do works:reading the text,translating,defend project work


V.Now write down please new words.





unusual-ең ерекше


certain-дәл білу

Ok,the first I read these new words and you repeat after me.Let’s read please


VI.Ok,open the book at page 178,ex-1

Reading text and translating into Kazakh


What do you want to be in Future?-I have often heard this question.Sometimes it is difficult to answer this question,sometimes not.

Little children usually dream of an unusual profession.Some of them want to become spacemen,others want to discover new lands,thirds-to dive in deep seas.But most of them want to be famous,so they usually want to become a star-a film star,a pop star,a football star and I was a little boy.

I don’t know for certain what I shall do,but I think the best way to prepare myself of future job is to get a good education.Jobs are changing and constantly appearing.In a few years ,there will be more new jobs and nobody knows what they will be.But good education cannot solve the problem alone.It is important to have good health to face difficulties and changes.That’s why I pay great  attention to sports.


VII. Well,write ex-2

-Who want to go to the blackboard?

1.жауап айту қиын- k)to answer this question

2.ең ерекше маман- f)an unusual profession

3.ғарышкер болу- l)to become spacemen

4.жаңа құрлықтар ашу- o)to discover new lands

5.кино жұлдызы болу- b)a film star

6.поп жұлдызы болу- n) a pop star

7.танымал болу- j)to be a famous

8.дәл білу-і)for certain

9.жақсы тәсіл- c)the best way

10.келешектегі жұмысқа дайындалу- a)to prepare myself for a future

11.жақсы білім алу- g)to get a good education

12.бірнеше жылдан кейін- in a few years

13.жаңа мамандықтар әлдеқайда көбейді- d)there will be a more new jobs

14.мәселені шешу- m)solve the problem

15.денсаулығы мықты болу — h)to have good health

16.қиындықтар мен  өзгерістерді кездестіру- e)to face diffuculties and changes


VIII.-Are you tired?

-Let’s dance ,let’s rest stand-up please


VIII.The next defend project works. Every  team has own project work.I want to introduce you with our 3 teams.There are three themes

  • ecologists 2) geologists                           3)doctor’s


Ok dear two teams you can take the question’s for this theme


IX.At the end of our lesson I want to answer you what do you want to be?


Open your dairy and write down your home task.

Ex-4,page 74.You must write short composition about “My plans for the future”


Your marks of our lesson

The lesson is over good bye!