My plans for future.

An English Lesson.

Unit 3. Step 9.

My plans for future.

The 8th grade

Teacher: M.S.Baidrachmanov

Aims of the lesson:

Келешектегі  жоспарлары жайлы талқылау, ой бөлісу

  • Functions:

1 Жоспарларға, мамандықтарға  сипаттама жасау, жұмыс жайлы әңгімелесу, болжамдар жасау, тақырыптық сөздіктермен жұмыстар жүргізу

  1. Тыңдап түсіну , диалог құрастыру арқылы оқушының сөздік қорын кеңейту, ауызша сөйлеу дағдыларын жетілдіру
  2. Жауапкершілікке баулу, келешекте мамандық таңдауда дұрыс шешім қабылдауға бағыт беру

Сабақ түрі:

Түсіндіру сабағы.

Грамматикалық ереже:

  Present Simple tense.

Сабақтың әдіс-тәсілдері:

Сұрақ-жауап, жазу және оқу

P r o c e d u r e    o f   t h e   l e s s o n

  1. Organization moment
  • Good day, students!
  • How are you?
  • Who is on duty today?
  • Who is absent?


  1. W a r m u p
  • This is the season,
  • When mornings are dark.
  • And birds do not sing,
  • In the forests and park.
  • This is the season,
  • When children ski.
  • And father Frost brings,
  • The new year tree!


  1. Checking up the homework

Сергіту жаттығу

I like my friends.

So do I. I like my old friends.

So do I. I like my new friends.

So do I. I»m happy today.

So am I.

I don»t like my friends.

Neither do I. I don»t like my old friends.

Neither do I. I don»t like my new friends

Neither do I. I»m not happy today.

Neither am I.

 I don»t like my socks.

I don»t either. I don»t like my books.

I don»t either. I don»t like my shoes.

I don»t either. I»m not happy today.

I»m not either.

I like my clothes.

I do, too. I like my old clothes.

I do, too. I like my new clothes.

I do, too. I»m happy today

I am, too.


  1. Match the sentences using the conditionals.


1.My sister would come to see mea. If he had enough money at that moment
2. He would have bought the bookb. If she were not busy today
3. Patty’s dreams would probably have come truec. If he hadn’t made so many  grammar mistakes.
4. He would have passed the examd. If we care about the environment
5. We shall save our Planete. If the jug of milk hadn’t fallen on the road.



Match the sentences using the conditionals.

  • 1-b
  • 2-a
  • 3-e
  • 4-c
  • 5-d




If you are planning for a year, sow rice;

If you are planning for a decade, plant trees;

If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people;

(Chinese proverb)



  • What do you want to be in Future? – I have often heard this question. Sometimes it is diffident to answer this question, sometimes not.

Little children usually dream of an unusual profession. Some of them want to become spaceman, others want to discover new lands, thirds – to dive in deep seas. But most of them want, to be famous, so they usually want to become a star – a film star, a pop star, a football star and so on. I used to dream of being a film star as well when I was a little boy.

I don’t know for certain, what I shall do, but I think the way to prepare myself for a future job is to get a good education. Jobs are changing and constantly appearing. In a few years, there will be more new jobs and nobody knows what they will be. But good education cannot solve the problem alone. It is important to have good health to face difficulties and changes. That’s why I pay great attention to sports.

Say in English:

  • Жауап айту қиын; ең ерекше мамандық; ғарышкер болу; жаңа құрлықтар ашу;киножұлдызы болу; поп-жұлдызы болу;танымал болу; анық білу; жақсы тәсіл; келешектегі жұмысқа дайындалу; жақсы білім алу; бірнеше жылдан кейін; жаңа мамандықтар әлдеқайда көбейді; мәселені шешу; денсаулығы мықты болу; қиындықтар мен өзгерістерді кездестіру.




Say in English:

жауап айту қиын-difficult to answer

ең ерекше мамандық— an unusual profession

ғарышкер болу-to become spacemen

жаңа құрлықтар ашу-discover new lands

киножұлдызы болу-a film star

поп-жұлдызы болу-a pop star

танымал болу-to be famous

анық білу-know for certain

жақсы тәсіл-the best way

келешектегі жұмысқа дайындалу-to prepare myself for a future job

жақсы білім алу-to get a good education

бірнеше жылдан кейін-in a few years

 жаңа мамандықтар әлдеқайда көбейді-will be more new jobs

мәселені шешу-solve the problem

денсаулығы мықты болу-to have good health

қиындықтар мен өзгерістерді кездестіру-to face difficulties and changes

Find the missing letters:

A  de…tist

 A  do…tor

 A  teach…r

 A  d…iver

 An  amba…sador

 A s…udent

Answer the following questions:

  • What do you want to be in Future?
  • What field would you like to be in?
  • What do you know about your future profession?
  • Is thus profession new or old?
  • What do you need to get this profession?
  • What do you think about new professions in our life?
  • Is education or training necessary to be successful in life?

For additional reading. Read and talk in small groups.

Careers do not just happen. People train for them. How much training is needed depends on the kind of career chosen. Some jobs take only a few months of training. Others take several years, certain careers need college or university education.

There is a song that says, “people who like people are the luckiest people in the world.”

So, people who feel like this may have a job that deals with people all the time.

For additional reading. Read and talk in small groups.

  • There are some kinds of jobs that deal with environment we live in. Ecologists study the environment and try to find ways to protect it from pollution. The earth is our home and we must always keep it clean.

For additional reading. Read and talk in small groups.

  • Health is important to people. People who lose their health are not very happy. Doctors and their assistants help to take care of their health. A person who wants to become a doctor goes to a special medical college or university.

For additional reading. Read and talk in small groups.

  • Geologists are scientists who study how rocks, mountains and rivers are formed. They know that these things are still forming today. Geologists help to find oil, gold, coal, gas and copper. If you like to work outdoors, you may want to be a geologist.

Үйге тапсырма.

  • My future life (Менің болашақ өмірім) тақырыбына әңгіме жазып келу