Grade: 10

Theme:     Medeu

Objectives:   SWBAT   practice using vocabulary;

to activate background  knowledge;

to develop  oral fluency through  speaking activities;

to bring up the nature — loving citizens;

Materials needed: VCR, Interactive board, vocabulary handouts and CD-discs.

Resources: Impact   Teacher Training Program, the textbook


  1. Introduction:

Greeting, date, attendance. “Good morning! Glad to see you! The topic of our lesson is “Medeu”

  1. Warm up:


I want to begin our lesson   with the poem about Kazakhstan.

Oh, Kazakhstan, I’m in love with you!

Remember, Kazakhstan, you are great

Not in the green fields full of wheat,

And forests, gardens free of dust.

I love you deeply, dear land,

Your hills and rivers, lakes and seas,

Which give me always much delight.

III.  Checking up the h/t:  Ex. 5

  1. Pre-task:

Boys and girls, the theme of our lesson is “Medeu”. Today we’ll talk about world’s famous skating rink.

Do you know anything about Medeu?

Have you ever been to Medeu?

Get into groups of four and take these sheets. I’ll give you only 3 minutes for preparing .You‘ll read and  divide these words  into two groups:

  1. Words , concerning the seasons and weather
  2. Words , concerning the environment

Nature, wind ,water, rain, mountain ,river, snow, pollute, tree, flower, lake, plants, land, spring, winter , waste, skating rink, gorge, ice-cover, competions, ice tracks, wind Words , concerning the seasons and weather

Words, concerning the seasons and weather:

Wind, spring, winter, rain, snow, summer, blow,

Words, concerning the environment:

Nature, water, mountain, river, lake, land, skating rink, ice-cover, competions, ice — tracks.

  1. Predictions.

You are going to read the text about Medeu. Before you read, see if you can predict some of the words (verbs, nouns and adjectives )

Write your predictions below:

Verbs                               Nouns                        Adjectives

________                     ________                    _________

________                     ________                    _________

________                     ________                    _________

  1. Vocabulary work.

a)Reading and pronunciation


  1. refrigerate
  2. birch
  3. landslide
  4. capacity


Chronological dates:        1972, 1973

Cardinal numerals: 15, 10.500, 200, 1691,   21.000, 6 000 000

  1. b) making up sentences with the new words.

VII. Presentation

Reading, speaking and writing.

1) Reading for the gist  the text “Medeu”.

  1. a) Read the passage where the hotel is spoken about.
  2. b) Read the passage where the dike is spoken about.
  3. c) Read the passage where the skating rink is spoken about.
  4. d) Read the sentences where the world records and admission are spoken about.

2) Give Kazakh equivalents for these word-combinations:

  1. ice area b)the world’s strongest skaters c)special refrigerating equipment d) nature lover e) outdoor world competitions f) mountain ridges

3) Fill in the gaps with the following words: Famous, world competitions, world records, mountain ashes, outside, nature lover, the Mynzhylky gorge.

1.The world’s famous skating rink Medeu was built in 1972.

  1. Its 10.500 square meter ice area is the best place for outdoor world competitions in speed skating. 3. Over 200 world records have been set there by the world’s strongest skaters.
  2. Skates rent is available on the first floor outside of the rink.
  3. At 1691-meters above sea level, nature lover will find beautiful mountain scenes surrounding the skating rink. 6. A road runs through Medeu gorge towards the Mynzhylky gorge.
  4. The gorge has 21,000 hectare of forests with birches, Tien Shan spruces, and mountain ashes.

VIII.  1) Reading for the main idea:

Questions – answers (students put questions to each other)

IX.Follow up:


A group of American students is flying to Kazakhstan. This is their first visit to our country and they are eager to know about our country as much as possible

— How do you do everybody!

We are glad to see you in hospitable Kazakhstan and I am your interpreter.

My name is    …  .

— How do you do miss…  ?  Nice to meet you!

— How was the flight?

— Everything was wonderful!

— Great!

— Now I’ll fell you about Medeu…

— Thank you very much for your information.

— In a day or two you will go around our country. Good-bye!- Good-bye, Miss…

  1. Evaluation
  2. Wrap up: choose one and collect information about it and prepare a poster.
  3. a) the world’s famous skating rink “Medeu”
  4. b) the nature of the Medeu gorge






1    When was built skating rink Medeu?

The world’s famous skating rink Medeu was built in1972.

2   Where is it located?

It is located in a picturesque gorge 15 km. from Almaty.

3    Do you know the area of ice?

The area of ice is 10, 500squar meter .

4   What competion is held there?

In 2011 there was held Asian Olympic games

5   How many months people can attend Medeu?

8 months  people can attend Medeu

6   How many world records have been set there?

Over 200 world records have been set there by the strongest skaters of the world.

7   Do you know the admission to Medeu?

It is 1600 tenge.

Do you want to visit M?

Yes, I do. I want to visit M and to see the famous m myself.


I was very pleased by visiting M. The nature of Almaty is magically  wonderful. The air is fresh, the service is great.

Nowhere I can see such excellent skating rink. M is the largest skating rink in the world. Your President N.N.  pay much attention to sport and the retirement of people.