A bad habits


The plan of the lesson in the 10 Form.

The theme of the lesson: A bad habits.

The date of the lesson: the 11 of December, 2012.

The aims of the lesson: Developing of communication skills to the theme «A bad habits»; to active lexical materials in productive speech; to develop skills of speaking and listening; to behave students to a healthy life.

The type of the lesson: discussion.

Equipments: Interactive board; the slides about smoking; cards(tables); textbook.


The procedure of the lesson.


  1. Organization (Greetings. Talking with a duty. T—CL. Are you ready to speak English?)
  2. Speaking drills. 1. Do you like to go in for sport? 2.Do you usually do your morning exercises? 3. Do you often fresh your room? 4. What is the main idea of our lesson? (the topic of our lesson is about habits.)

Ш. Listening. (A letter from England) Do you want to read a letter? I think it will be very interesting. (The letters from Judge. Sportsman. Doctor) Before listening take these tables, please.







While listening the text you must put «plus»opposite some ideas. For example, doctor has said about vitamins, you must put»plus»opposite this idea. After listening answer the guestions and say it. What has the Judge (doctor, sportsman) said about?


  1. Writing about the results of good and bad habits. (N the active board).
  2. Showing the slides about smoking. T- What do you see? Let us read. They are the results of good and bad habits.

Teeth yellow. Speech unclear. Stomachache. Losing social controls. Headache. Hair smell.


Beautiful smile. White healthy teeth. Slim body. Wonderful skin. Sport body. Smart appearance. T-CL. What habits give such results? Write the full answer for each result. For example: If you smoke you will have yellow teeth.(hair smell) If you drink you will have a headache, etc.


  1. Dinamic pause, (under music)

-Stand up, please. Let’s do some exercises for our health.

— Stand straight, please.

-Touch your nose(head, eyes, fingers, shoulders) -Look up(down, to the right, to the left)

-Close your eyes and think about something good. Sit down.



  • Work in small group.(Checking the home exercises)


Concluding stage.


  • «An apple a day keeps a doctor away.» T-CL. Do you follow this rule? What must we do, if we want to be healthy? Pupils write the answer(one by one) on the active board. For example: If we want to be healthy we must eat low fat food, go in for sport, brush teeth … etc.



  1. Let’s analyse our work. You can see tree on the blackboard. All of you have apples of different colours. If you think that everything was excellent at our lesson put a red apple. If you don’t understand something put a yellow apple. If the lesson was interesting put a green apple.

Teacher: I think you have taken some useful information from our lesson. Thank you for our work. I wish you healthy, wealthy and wise.


  1. Explanation of home task.l. to write a composition about habits.(for the 3-d level)
    1. 12.page63-64(to read)
    2. to revise grammar. (Gerund. Infinitive)


  1. Comment marks.