The theme: Intellectual game «The wonder land «. Интеллектуалды ойын «Ғажайып алаң»

The theme: Intellectual game «The wonder land «.  Интеллектуалды ойын «Ғажайып алаң»

The aims:

  • Educational:

Enrich students’ general vocabulary.

  • Developing:

To develop attention, imagination, reading, speaking and pronunciation habit.

  • Upbringing:

To enlarge country studying knowledge and educate the feeling of love towards our motherland.

Methods and way: Competition

Visual and technical aids: computer, interactive board.

Equipment: Slogans, cards, balloons, a black box



  1. Bakytbekkyzy Orynbasar
  2. Zeinurina Aisulu
  3. Toleugazinova Aiyaulym
  4. Ualiakparova Altynai
  5. Baidauletova Madina
  6. Saparov Daniyar
  7. Kambelova Ulpan
  8. Iksanova Alina
  9. Taizhigitova Talshyn


The procedure of the game

  1. Organization moment:

— Good afternoon dear teachers and students!

— You are welcome to our English Intellectual game!

We are glad to meet you at our unusual contest which is called Intellectual game «The wonder land «.

— Now it is time to begin an hour of merry game.

— The president of our country Nursultant Abishevich Nazarbaev set a task — to know 3 languages. And one of them is English. Our students are English speakers, too. And now, they want to demonstrate their knowledge.

 Let’s begin our game. I think our game will be interesting for us.

— The game consists of three rounds, the game with the audience, and the final supergame. To participate in the game we need to choose 9 people.

The rules of the game: the game is played in 3 selection and 5 major tours — current three and one final and super — game. In each «mostly» round participates in 3 players. Their purpose is to queue, calling letters, guess the encrypted word. For correctly guessed letter players receive points. If such a letter is missing, the turn passes to another player. If the letter is guessed right, the same player has the right to once again make a move (called a different letter). The winners of each round go to the final. Wins the game the player who will guess the final word.  For it is super — game.
In the first qualifying round are attended by all interested. In the qualifying round 3 questions. The first person, who answers the question correctly, becomes a player main part of the game. In the rest of the qualifying rounds welcomes those who have not yet participated in the basic game.

Sectors of the drum:

1 . If numbers are specified, these are scored points;

2 . «Arrow» — rotation transition to other player;

3 . «Chance» — the help;

4 . * 2 – all points double;

5 . + — the player calls any letter which wants to open;

6 . «prize» — the player either chooses or refuses a prize in a black box. The book, notebook, etc. can be a prize;


  • Children, today we have to play a game « The wonder land » and is dedicated to…………………………………
  • What is your surname?
  • Where were you born?
  • How many members there are in your family?
  • What does your father do?
  • What does your mother do?
  • What do you want to be?
  • What are your favorite subjects?
  • What’s your address?
  • What’s your hobby?
  • What’s your favorite sport?

1- selection round:

  1. When was established The Republic of Kazakhstan? (in 1991)
  2. What are the symbols of the state? (national flag, emblem and anthem)
  3. What is our national currency? (tenge)

The questions of the 1-round:

What is the Republic of Kazakstan in the form of government? (U N I T A R Y)

2- selection round:

  1. What is the symbol of freedom in Kazakhstan? (an eagle)
  2. Who is President of Kazakhstan? (A. Nazarbayev)
  3. What kind of state is KZ? (independent, democratic)


The questions of the 2-round:

XIX th century the coal was found in around the modern Karaganda. Who found it? — (B A I Z H A N O V     APPAK)


3- selection round:

  1. The main religious center in the whole of Kazakhstan was the city: Главным религиозным центром всего Казахстана был город: (Turkestan)
  2. In what month is Kazakh New year celebrated? (Nauryz)
  3. When Astana did became the capital of Kazakhstan?(in 1998)

The questions of the 3-round:

What is the first capital of Kazakhstan? (O R E N B U R G)

Game with the audience:

It is a monument and observation tower in Astana, Kazakhstan. A tourist attraction popular with foreign visitors and native Kazakhs alike, it is emblematic of the city, which became capital of the country in 1997.    

(B A I T E R E K)


Composer, poet-publicist of the second half of the XIXth century:

(Z H A Y A U    M U S A)

Super game:

There are a lot of reserves in Kazakhstan. This reserve is very popular in the world.  What is the Reserve?

(K U R G A L D Z H I N)


—  We congratulate our winner.

— Thank you very much for your active participation in our game. Everyone was brilliant.

We must always remember that «Knowing many languages ​​- to have a lot of keys to one lock».

— Dear teachers, students our game which is called Intellectual game «The wonder land» is coming up to the end.

— Thanks for your attentions.

— Good-bye!

The teacher of English:                Matenova B. A.