Менің елім Қазақстан

Тақырыбы: Менің елім Қазақстан

The aims of the lesson: a/ educational aim: the formation of communicative speech of area studies: to widen pupils` scope ( country knowing) according to the intercommunication by subjects Geography and History.

Developing aim: to develop pupils’ oral  and writing skills, memory attention.

Bringing up aim: to develop patriotic love to their country.

Used method: question – answer, power-point presentation, demonstration, level tasks, evalution methods.

Visual aids: The map of Kazakhstan, interactive board, multimedia, Power Point programs, CD-s.

Procedure of the lesson

I.Organization moment.

Warm up: General Review of previous lesson-remembering and discussing about the last subject. Ask some questions about the structures, importances, properties.Evaluate correct answers by making “ +/-  marking method “

  1. Presentation: We’ll play a game “ The pyramid”


2                     3

4              5                  6

The class  isdivided into three groups: each group must choose two numbers from this pyramid. For example: 1 gr: numbers 1,5 , 2 gr: numbers 2,6, 3gr: numbers 4,3

III. Work with the new words:      

extenddesert, border, strong, wind, sudden, cover ,millet, cotton, eagle                            fauna      stripe, frame, soverigen, hoist.

  1. Answer the questions: GR I- 1. Where are you from?
  2. Where is your country situated?

GR II- 2.What is Astana famous for now? 6. What do you know about the nature of our country?

GR – III 3.What is the capital of the country you live in?4.Political system of Kazakhstan. What do you know ?

Y.Listening to the text : ( CD )

  1. Work with the text: Tasks for each group:

GRI  — Complete the sentences

GR II – Look at the map of Kazakhstan and say what Kazakhstan borders. Give short summary.

GR III – Agree and disagree


YII. Level tasks  (creative work )

GR I — Write an essay “ I’m a citizen of Kazakhstan “

GR II- Make up dialogue or an interview “ I’m proud of my country”

GR III – What poems do you know about your country or compose your own poem.

Формативті   бағалау: топтық, өзара, жеке бағалау; смайлик  жинау, мадақтау,  сенім білдіру. 3 мин

Смайлик арқылы бағалау.

«5» excellent
«4» good
«3» satisfactory


YIII. Home task. To write a composition “ I love and proud of my Kazakhstan and Kazakh people “


  1. Evolution: Each pupils’ activities, participations and correct answers are evaluated by “ +/- marking method” And all 5 marks values converted “5” marking system.