Kazakhstan is my motherland

Қарағанды облысы Жезқазған қаласы Кеңгір селосындағы  №2 орта мектебі ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Сүттібаева Маржан Абдрахмановна. «Kazakhstan is my motherland» тақырыбына сабақ жоспары флипчартпен.

Theme:  Kazakhstan is my motherland

Aims:    1. Educational: To consolidate and generalize knowledge of students on    the Unit “Kazakhstan”; to enrich students knowledge in all spheres of country study; to widen their vocabulary through doing different tasks; to help to analyze the differences between two countries and their capitals.

  1. Developmental: To develop student’s skills in oral speech; to develop

student’s writing, reading and  speaking abilities through giving several tasks;

to improve their mental and critical thinking.

  1. Cultural: To bring up patriots of their Motherland; to chance their

respect for people of different nationalities; to improve their pride of their

native, country; to bring up students to respect and love foreign  language.

Type:    revision of the previous materials; combination lesson

Method: logical meaning model, association, “Who is the   faster?”,  Venn diagram

Visual aids:  text, map, flag, symbol, cards, videos, slides  of   sights of Kazakhstan,

Active Board Studio flipcharts

Intersubject connection:    Kazakh, Russian, Geography, History

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

1.Greeting:- Good morning, dear children!- How are you? Talking with pupil on duty.

2.Presentation of the aims of the lesson: Today we will revise all the materials based on the Unit  “Kazakhstan”, Great Britain’’ and all the geographical theme based on  country study, local sights of  Kazakhstan and Great Britain.

  1. Brainstorming:

Let’s begin our lesson with an epigraph. The epigraph of our lesson is ‘‘East or West, home is best’’. Could you say, what it means in your native language?

  • WARM UP:

TASK`№ 1“Find the country”    —  Students should find the countries:

Rebritigatn – Great Britain

Mearcai – America

Nadaca – Canada

Acifra – Africa

Lyatl – Italy

Auaisatrl – Australia

Anihc — China


task №2    Association “Describe Kazakhstan ”

Students should think which words describe the country (a flag, a symbol, a head and a map).






  2. Pupils  should  retell  the text about Kazakhstan.
  3. Make advertisements.

Welcome to …

… a pearl of …

… is famous for …

… is situated in …

… is one of the most splendid sights of …

It is just best to come and see it with one’s eyes.

  1. Summary


Capital:                                      Astana

Currency:                                   tenge

Cities:                                        Almaty, Chimkent, Karaganda

Languages:                                Kazakh, Russian

Population:                                about 16 mln people

Nationalities:                             more than 100

Area:                                          2753000 sq.km.

Flag:                                          an eagle under the sun in the blue sky

Anthem:                                     “My Kazakhstan”

  1. Revise the unit “Great BRITAIN”

task №3 “Use”     Write down the word-combinations:

Big                                                  Palace

Trafalgar                                        Abbey

Tower                                             Parliament

Buckingham                                   Ben

Westminster                                   Cathedral

The Houses of                                London

St. Paul’s                                        Square

task №4 “Imagine”

  • What is the seat of the British Government?  (Houses of Parliament)
  • It is one of the most famous clocks in the world.  (Big Ben)
  • It was a fortress and a royal palace. Later it was a prison, and now it is a

museum.      (Tower of London)

  • Building was rebuilt by Christopher Wren. It has a famous Whispering

Gallery.      (St. Paul’s Cathedral)

  • It is a place which has a monument to Admiral Nelson. (Trafalgar Square)
  • It is a royal church. English kings and queens usually get married here.

(Westminster Abbey)

  • It is a place where all the masterpieces are kept together. (National Gallery)
  • An old university. (Oxford University)

Great Britain

Countries:                     England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

Area:                            244.000 sq. km.

Capital:                        London

Cities:                          London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol

Population:                  58 mln people

Nationalities:               English, Welsh

Languages:                  English, Welsh, Gaelic

Currency:                    ₤ Pound

Flag:                            It combines 3 crosses stand for the patron saints

of old England, Scotland and Ireland. It symbolizes the

union of these countries and   is called the Union Jack.

Anthem:                      “God save the Queen!”

Political system:         Parliamentary monarchy

task №5 “Compare”

Students should compare the both capitals using Venn diagram.

LONDON                              Both                                ASTANA











TASK №6       Fill in the table:


the         azero





Task №7          Test     a) the    b) a     c)  zero

  1. a) the b) a c) zero
  2. … book I like most is »Abai zholy».
  3. … Alatau
  4. … country
  5. … Earth
  6. … Great Britain
  7. He is … only child.
  8. … Sahara
  9. … Bermudas
  10. … Czech Republic

10 …title of this book is »War and Peace»

  1. … Lake Ladoga
  2. I like playing … guitar.
  3. … city
  4. … Inanovs
  5. My classes are in … morning.

VIII. Conclusion stage. Evaluation. HOMETASK:

To write a composition: “A country which I’d like to visit”