Personal Pronouns.

The theme of the lesson:      Personal Pronouns.

The aims of the lesson:     to develop communicative skills and abilities  through different communicative activities;

-to teach the usage of the verb “to have”

-to encourage real use of language  in group and pair work

-to develop the student`s interest for the language, singing a song, playing games

Visual aids:  active board, pictures, letters


I.Org moment:

-Good morning, boys and girls.

-Meet our guests!

— Good morning.

Slide № 1 . Satellite Link: “Kazakhstan — America”

Sit down, please. Today we have an unusual meeting. We have a satellite link n between Kazakh and Russian pupils. First of all, let`s draw lots to learn, which group is from Kazakhstan and which is from America.

-Жеребе суыру

The first team will be from Kazakhstan.

The second team will be from America.

-Let`s start our meeting  with a song “What is your name?”  The doys will ask the questions, the girls will answer.

Slide № 2  The song: “What is your name?”

Let`s acquainted. Now  Asyl and Elnaz will tell us about  themselves. Tell us what your name is and where you are from.

Asyl and Elnaz: My name is Asyl. I am from Kazakhstan. Etc.

Slide № 3. You can ask:  “What is your name?,  Where are you from?, How are you? ”

Slide № 4. My Friend

-Let`s check up your home task.    My Friend

Slide № 5 “Family”.

-Can you talk about the family.

-«Саусаќ єні» орындау

This is my mother

This is my father

This is my sister

This is my brother

Slide № 6 Let`s see if you remember the words on the topic   “Family”

Match the words and transcriptions with pictures.

Slide № 7      “Personal Pronouns” Boats.

What can you see here?  Boats.

Slide № 8     “Personal Pronouns”

Slide № 9      ’Mr.Letter Vocabulary Work

Slide № 10     ‘’Mr.Letter ‘’   «Ж±бын тап» ойыны

Slide № 11   ‘’Mr.Letter ‘’    T t, K k єріптерін таныстыру

Slide № 12  Poem

K k is for kitten

Mm is for mitten

T t is for ten

P p is for pen

Slide № 13  The game: “Fishermen”

You must catch a fish and put it on the right plate. Then  you must read the sentences

We have a friend.    He has a father. She has a sister. They have a brother. I am from Kazakhstan.

I am from America.

Slide № 12  Home task

Thank you for your great  work. Both the groups were good today and your marks