Lesson theme: Step 2 Kazakhstan is my Motherland.

                                             Grade: 10

Lesson theme: Step 2 Kazakhstan is my Motherland.(I)

Visual aids: mini placards, pictures, cards

                                             The aim of the lesson:

educational: to enrich students’ vocabulary, their knowledge about Kazakhstan, to enlarge their knowledge about the Kazakhstan’s geography, about its nature, climate and resources
developing: to develop students’ reading, writing, speaking, answering the questions, quick thinking and logical thinking abilities
bringing up: to bring up them to love and value our Motherland Kazakhstan and its nature
The type of the lesson: mixed

Methods: question-answer, reading, writing.

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment


Duty’s report

  1. Checking home task

III. New lesson
T: Good morning ! I’m glad to see you. Today we’ll talk about our Motherland. There is nothing better and the most expensive in the world like Native Land. It gives us wings for flight, lights every our step. It is impossible to choose Native Land. It can be only loved or treated indifferently to.
We know the English word motherland. For people it has two meanings. Firstly, it is the place you were born in. Then it means the whole country where you live. For me my motherland begins in my own village, in which I have grown up. May be this place is usual and uninteresting for other people, but for you it is the dearest place in the world. Remember please, what proverbs about the homeplace do you know?
P: “East or West, home is best”, ”There is no place like home”
T: Yes, you are right. ”What does Motherland begin with?”
P:Motherland begins with family, street, school, village, environment, town, country.
T:It’s right. Each country has it’s own symbols.Do you know the symbols of Kazakhstan?
P:National Flag, National Emblem and anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
T:Can you describe the symbols of Kazakhstan?
P:National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a piece of right-angled cloth of a sky-blue color with a picture of a golden sun with 32 rays in the center, sitting above a soaring steppe eagle. The flagstaff has a vertical line of national ornamentation. The picture of the sun, its rays, eagle and ornament are gold in color. The width/length ratio of the flag is 1:2.
P:National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The coat of arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted on June 4, 1992. The authors of the emblem are Zhandarbek Melibekov and Shota Ualikhanov.
The National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an image of shanyrak, the upper dome-like portion of a yurt, against a sky blue background which irradiates (in the form of sun rays) uyks (supports) set off by wings of mythical horses. The circle shape of the Emblem is a symbol of life and eternity. The shanyrak symbolizes the well-being of family, peace and calm.
The colour version of the National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan consists of two colours: gold and sky blue. The golden color corresponds to the light, clear future of the Kazakhstan people, and the blue sky colour is a symbol of the aspiration to peace, goodwill, friendship and unity with all people.


Phonetic drills
Weather riddles.

Listen to the weather riddles and guess the words.
1. I blow your hair and bend the trees low. I make the flags flap and leaves dance by.
2. When the clouds become black as night, I fall to the ground. Take your umbrella so as not to get soaked. (rain).
3. I am white and light. I make no sound while falling to the ground. (snow).
4. I always shine bright. You can’t see me when it is dark. (sun).

  • Work with the text.
    • Reading.
    • Kazakhstan was established as the Republic of Kazakhstan in December 1991.Kazakhstan is a large country. Its area is over 2.724 million square kilometres. The population of Kazakhstan is about 16.870 000 people. Kazakhstan borders with the Russian Federation to the north and north-west; with China to the east and with the central Asian republics of Kirgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Kazakhstan is rich with mineral resources such as copper, gold, iron, lead, nickel, silver, uranium, oil, natural gas. Kazakhstan’s largest cities are: Almaty, Karaganda and Chimkent, Almaty was the capital until December 1997 then it was moved to Akmola. In May 1998 Akmola was renamed Astana, the Kazakh word for capital. The official language is Kazakh and Russian is the language of international communication.
  • Vocabulary and pronunciation


desert-құмды дала

resources-байлық, ресурстар


deposit-жер асты қоры


rename-жаңа ат беру









exercise 3

Comprehension checkTrue ( T)False (F)
A Kazakhstan is the second largest country of the former Soviet Union


B Kazakhstan doesn’t share its border with China


С The country is rich in mineral resources


D The population of Astana is not expected to increase


E Residents are happy to share hospitality with their visitors


F The official language is Kazakh


G Russian is the language of international communication





 Exercise 5

To write out the sentences from the text “Kazakhstan is my Motherland”

  1. A) in the Passive voice (6)

1 Kazakhstan was established………

2 The Altai mountains can be found……….

3 ………then it was moved………

4 ……Akmola was renamed Astana………

5………this is expected…..

6 And it is not by accident located

  1. b) in the Present Perfect (1)

1 The land of the Kazakh has always been famous……

2 ……..its occupants have always met guests

  1. c) in the superlative degree of adj. (1)

1 ………Kazakhstan is the largest city……….



IV Conclusion

V Giving home task

Exercise 2 b) to retell the text