Welcome to Disneyland

Form : 6  v

The theme of the lesson : Step 4 Welcome to Disneyland

The aims of the lesson : I. Educational: to speak about Disneyland ,to discuss the answers each other ,

To check up their knowledge of   Present Perfect Tense

  1. Development: to develop understanding, logical, thinking and oral speech

III.Upbrnging: to bring them up to love subjects

The type of the lesson : mixed

The kind of the lesson : cultural

The visual aids: active board


The Procedure of the lesson

  1. Greeting
  2. Checking up homework

Ex 6 complete the sentence

  1. Victor is not here. He has______ to Los Angrlos.
  2. Mike is not here. He has ______ to Almaty
  3. Asan has ________ to Washington C. He’s staying here.
  4. Asel has_______ to Germany . Now she is in New York.


Time expression with Present Perfect


Ever, never, just and since

Yet , already and this week

Lately, recently  are used

In present Perfect tense

We must remember all of them

To write, to spell and to translate

Not to make mistakes

When we are speaking English

III.Main part

Let’s begin our lesson. Our theme is “Welcome to Disneyland” at first when we begun lesson you have to answer my question.

-Have you ever heart about Disneyland?

-Have you ever been to Disneyland?

-Do you want to go there?

Now,let`s begin introduce to Disneyland slide. Disneyland is a place for children of all ages.It`s also a place for their parents to return to the world of childhood because that is what happens when they spend a day at Disneyland. At Disneyland you can have a voyage on a boat, you can take a train, and you can travel to the starts, take a trip to the mountains, meet all Disney characters… or just sit in the sun and eat ice-cream?

T: Now Pupils do you know what created this park? Walt Disney?

Slide: Walt Disney was born in Chicago on December 5, 1901.Then his family left that city in the north of America for a place in the South. When Walt Disney grew up, he began to draw pictures and create cartoons, a films and one  day he had an idea create cartoons. He  has a wife, her name is Lilian and two daughters.

T: Now, we gave more information about Disneyland and who created it. Let`s continue our lesson Ex 2 on p 112 read this text about Disneyland

T: If you understand this text . You have to write ex 3 on p113 answer the questions

Slide: 1. How old is Disneyland?

Disneyland is 55 years old

  1. What kind of place a Disneyland ?

Disneyland is a place where people find both happiness and knowledge

3.Who created this park?

Walt Disney created this park

  1. Whom did he take to park and playground ?

He took two daughters to parks and playgrounds

  1. Is it a big park?

Yes, It is big park


Slide: fotogallery  about Disney


T :Next Ex 5on p 113 Do you know any other Disney lands outside the USA?




T: Now , In last lessons we teach Present Perfect tense .Let`s revise it using this exercise , you must find mistakes in this sentences which world don`t according  with sentence

Slide : 1.We has  washed  the dishes

A       B                C

  1. I have ever   been   to America

A           B      C

  1. Has you   had   breakfast?

A      B       C

  1. He has   leave London.

A       B      C

T: Pupils, Do you know characters ?

Slide:    Mickey and Minnie


Vinnie beer

Donald Duck


T: Let`s check your memory . You have to solve this crosswords














T: Pupils, Do you know poem or songs Disneyland ? Now , Aziza begin say

Slide :

Welcome to Disney


Author: Heather Degnan Tanner


Welcome to Disney the happiest place on Earth.
A place we all wish to go since the day of our   birth
There’s so much to do and so much to see
And fun for all kids from ages one to ninety-three
From Main Street to the castle oh what fun.
Rides and splashing and fun in the sun
Mickey and Minnie and all their pals
Pooh and friends and the princess gals

T: I think you have very tied let`s sing a song



J U M P, jump, J U M P, jump
Can you do like a kangaroo and J U M P Jump
(repeat first and last time)

1. It doesn’t matter if your legs are short of if they’re long
Any legs will do to join the jumping in this song

2. When you jump on one foot then it’s really called a hop
So can you jump on one foot, can you hop and can you stop

3.You can jump and go nowhere or backwards for a time
Now take your jumping forward as I sing this little rhyme

Now watch the animals, do as they do.
If they don’t jump, DON’T, if they do jump, DO!
(Show pictures of animals as instrumental chorus plays twice)

  1. Once I knew a little dog who jumped around the park
    And every time that he jumped you know
    that little dog would bark

T; Pupils we, have done a lot of work today you were very active and diver at the lesson . I`m very pleased with your English .Your home task is to write essay about your park.

I will put your marks

The lesson is over , Good -bye