The theme: Discover Canada

The theme: Discover Canada

Grade: 9a

Aim: To create conditions for developing pupils’ communicative competence in main kinds of speech activity through educational material.


  1. To enrich pupils’ knowledge about English-speaking countries
  2. To develop pupils’ reading, speaking and writing skills through Critical Thinking Philosophy
  3. To bring up pupils’ creativity and interest to the subject

Visual Aids: an interactive board, cards, slides

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization stage


T: Hello, boys and girls! Take your seats, please! Hello, dear guests! Welcome to our school! We are very glad to see you. Come here and  choose any shape you like. Pupils who choose triangles will be the first group. Pupils who choose squares will be the second group. Take you seats, please.

Warm — up

T: Imagine you have a chance to visit any country you want. Look at the map of the world and choose a country.
T: What country would you like to visit? Why?
Thank you!

I have got a puzzle for you. Here it is. If you solve this puzzle, you’ll name the theme of our lesson.
So our topic is «Discover Canada!» We‘ll have a virtual tour to Canada, because Canada is full of mystery.

The motto of the lesson is “The only real Splendour – a splendour of  human communication”.

The symbol of our lesson is the maple leaf. How do you think Why?

You are absolutely right.

  1. Realization of meaning:

T: At our last lesson we read the text about Canada, one of the English-speaking countries. Your task is to fill in the table.

Fill in the table:

I knowI want to knowI have learnt


And now we’ll  speak about Canada. Get ready with your presentations about Canada.

Thank you very much.

Do you know there are a lot of falls in Canada?  What is the most famous falls in Canada?
S1…  I think it is the Niagara Falls.
T: What do know about it?
S1…. The Niagara Falls is one of the most splendid Falls  in the world.

 I have prepared a presentation about the Niagara Falls. Do you like it? Why?

A lot of people think that Canada is in many ways like Russia. Our countries are different, but we have the common features too. I want one of the pupils from each group to come here and choose a card.

Fill in the diagram and say what makes these countries alike and different.



Venn diagram

Canada                Russia                                               Canada      Kazakhstan








  1. Compare Canada with Russia
  2. Compare Canada with Kazakhstan

I have prepared the information from the Internet. Look at your computer and open the document. Read the text. I give you 5 minute. The 1st group read the text

“Canada traditions”, the 2nd group read the text “Sports in Canada”. The 1st group come          up to the table do the task: Put the sentences into the logical order.

What have you noticed? Canada has the similar traditions with Great Britain. Why? It is an English-speaking country

Write an essay:  “Canada is  worth seeing…”

 We have spoken about Canada a lot. Let’s return to our  “Have learnt”  table and fill in the 3 column.

Home task: Ex. 22.p.195 read the information

                    Ex.25. p. 198 find equivalents

III. Reflexion

T: Our lesson is coming to the end

Express your opinion about our lesson, using only one sentence.

Let’s come to one conclusion. Canada is an interesting country to explore (slide)

We have done a lot of work at our lesson. You were very active. I’m pleased with you. Good luck to you. Your marks for the lesson. Thank you. Good-bye.