I adjectives:      1. working on grammar material and vocabulary

  1. Develop their reading, uniting and speaking habits

                         and skills Enlarge their word – stock

  1. Bring up their interests by doing several exercises

 Language:   The game “The Golden Gate” 

Material      Ex 4, 7 p 75   

Lesson procedure.                                                              

  1. Organization moment

Greeting with the pupils

  1. Doing the following tasks.

Today, pupils our lesson will be unusual, because we’ll play the game “The Golden Gate”. Do you know this game? Have you ever heard?

It has three doors and the golden box. (Magic box). 

And our theme we’ll be about adjectives mainly about degrees of adjectives.  

How many degrees do you know? 

Three degrees of adjectives: positive, comparative, superlative.

Now, let’s remember. We use suffixes: er — the est. more, the most, better the best, worse, the worst. 

But before beginning our lesson let’s take our today’s lesson’s slogan.  

                                Good, better, best 

                                Never, never rest

                              Till your good is better 

                                And your better best. 

Let’s read all together. By the way it’s also the slogan of English pupils. 

Now, we’ve taken our slogan and I wish you good luck. Let’s begin. 

Look at the blackboard. The first of door is a stone door. It has some tasks, if we do we’ll the door will open. 

Task 1. Write comparative degree of adjectives. 

Big –                     noisy –                 beautiful –                   good –

Nice —                    short —                  interesting —                bad –

Task 2. Complete the table.


     Positive  Comparative   Superlative
1.1.more interesting1.
2.2.2.the best
4.  old4.4.
5.     5.5.the tallest


Task 3. Complete sentences using comparative and superlative form of adjectives.

Big, tall, cold, large, popular

  1. Bob’s garden isn’t very big. Your garden is _____ than Bob’s (bigger)
  2. It was a very cold day. It was _____ of the year. (The coldest)
  3. You aren’t very tall. Your brother is _____ than you. (Taller)
  4. Britain isn’t very large. France is _____ than Britain. (Large)
  5. Sydney is a very popular city. It’s _____ in Australia. (The largest)

We’ve opened the stone door.

III. 1. There is a silver door. Now let’s do the tasks. Write sentences with the superlative and comparative

                      Sea                                                   train 

  1. Large ocean                                   Fast   plane

                Lake                                              Bicycle

                City                                                     cinema

  1. Big   village                             4.  Popular   TV

                    Town                                                   theatre

  1. The next task. Answer the questions (orally)


                             Most dangerous sport

  1. Which is the best food in your country?

                             The highest mountain



                         Best singer

  1. Who is the most popular writer           in your country?

                         Best actor


Task 4. Write about your classmates.

  1. Who is the best pupil in your class?
  2. Who has got the longest hair?
  3. Who is the tallest pupil?
  4. Who is the shortest pupil?
  5. Who is the cleverest pupil?

Our door opened. Are you tired? I want to give you riddles.

  1. I am gray. My tail is long. My nose is short. I am very little (mouse)
  2. I am the biggest. I am gray. My nose is the longest. My tail is short. (An elephant)
  3. I have got the longest. Gut short tail. I am the tallest. (Giraffe)

Are you ready to do the next task? There is a golden door.

Let’s see the first task. Of it.

Task 1. Ex 6 p 72. Let’s read. Dialogue between lion, mother lion and out.

Let write adjectives from the dialogue.

     Positive  Comparative   Superlative
1. beautiful  
2. strong  
3. fast  
4. good  
5. clever  

Now; let’s speak about this dialogue…

  1. Do you think the little lion is right?
  2. Does littler lion understand what out says?
  3. When animal do you think is the strongest, fastest, best?

Pupil does this proverb suit in this situation?

Better late than neverлучше поздно, чем никогда – ештен кеш жақсы

Never later to know. Remember never say as little lion.

— Pupils, here are some proverbs with adjectives.                                                      

  1. Good health is better than wealth.
  2. Two heads are better than one.
  3. Fast or west home is best.

Let’s translate.

Task 2. I want to give you pictures of animals. Describe them using adjectives.   

Task 3. “The world of colours”. It’s not a simple poem. It’s also.

  1. We’ve opened the golden door. There is a magic box. Let’s see. Here is your home work. Here are your marks. Gold, silver stones.   

Present song.

Home task: Ex 4, 6 p 75. Make story, using proverb