Theme: I speak three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English


Date: 23.04.2013

Grade: 5 А, Б

Theme: I speak three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English

Aims: 1.Educational.

           to enrich pupils knowledge about languages.

          Introduce the new words and expressions concerning the theme. 

  1. Developing.

          To develop pupils skills and habits. To develop pupils writing, reading and speaking.

  1. Bringing up.

          To teach pupils to do good things each of other  and to love English language.

Visual aids: cards, thematic pictures, an interactive board, slides.

                                           Procedure of the lesson.

  1. Org. moment.

T: Good morning, pupils!

 P: Good morning, teacher!

T: How are you?

P: We are fine, and you?

T: I`m all right, thanks. Who`s on duty today?

P: I`m on duty today.

T: Who`s absent?

P: All are present.

T: what date is it today?

P: The 23rd  of April.

T: What day is it today?

P: Today is Tuesday.

T: Well, take you sit please.


  1. Phonetic drill

Brush your…………, but turn off the…….

Unplug the ……….., switch off the…………

Take a… …….., don’t have a………………,


Go out with…………., don’t surf all………..

Walk or ride your………….. to school

Give old………….. to charity

Recycle……………, that’s the…………..

Join a green……….., plant a……………          

III. Compose the words, sentences in the Present Continuous.

read/ is/ Aidos.

Are/ dance/ children.

Listen/ am/ I/ music/ to.

We/ walk/ are/

Shop/ she/ is.

  1. New theme.

                              I speak three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English

New words:  Say [ sei ] –айту

                      Count [ kaunt ] санау

                      Draw [drɔ:] – сурет салу

                      Write [`rait ] – жазу

                      Sing [ siη ] – ән айту 

  1. Read and translate the texts about languages.

Kazakh language: The Kazakh language — is the native language of the Kazakh people. The Kazakh language — the official language of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Modern Kazakh alphabet used in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. This was adopted in 1940 an alphabet developed by the S.A Amanzholov, 42 letters, including 33 letters of the Russian alphabet and nine specific letters of the Kazakh language: Ә, Ғ, Қ, Ң, Ө, Ұ Y, Һ, І. Currently 80% of Kazakhstan speaks and writes in the Kazakh language.

Russian: Russian language — is the national language of the Russian people. It is the language of science and culture. Russian language belongs to the major languages ​​of the world: the number of speakers of it, he takes the fifth place after Chinese, English, Hindi and Spanish. The number of speaking in Russian about 180 million people. Russian alphabet created two priests — brothers Constantine and Methodius. They made ​​the alphabet in 863 or 864 year. ABC, compiled them, called Glagolitic

English:  English is a West Germanic language spoken originally in England, and is now the most widely used language in the world. It is spoken as a first language by a majority of the inhabitants of several nations, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. It is the third most commonly spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. English is an official language


of the European Union and many Commonwealth countries, as well as in many world organizations.

  1. Physical Training

Stand up!

 Put your hands up.

 Put your hands on your head.

 Put your hands down.


VII. Doing the exercises.

      True or False.

Modern Kazakh alphabet used in Kazakhstan and Mongolia.  T

Russian language takes the third place after Chinese and English. F

English is the widespread language of the world. T

Kazakh alphabet developed S.A. Amanzholov in 1940 year. T

The number of speaking in Russian about 150 million people.  F

Ex: 6 p: 170. Read, match and do.

Say                    ABC

Count               1-50

Draw                Your house/flat

Write                My name is ….

Sing                   Twinkle little star


VIII. Answer the questions.

Who is developed the Kazakh alphabet?

When was developed the alphabet?

Which countries using the Kazakh alphabet?

Who is created the Russian alphabet?

When was created the Russian alphabet?

What is called the Russian alphabet?

Which countries is English the official language?

  1. Marking.



  1. Giving homework.

Ex: 2, 9 p: 170-171 Read exercise 2 and find the sentences.



                                                   Thank you for your attention

                                                      The lesson is over.

                                                        Goodbye pupils.