I speak three languages Kazakh, Russian and English

Date: The __ of April.

Theme: I speak three languages Kazakh, Russian and English

Aims: 1) To introduce pupils with new theme

  • To develop pupils reading, speaking and writing habits in English
  • To bring up pupils human quality, to respect and love foreign languages and their traditions.

Stages: I. Organization moment.

Good afternoon, pupils

Good afternoon, teacher

Who’s on duty today?

Who’s absent?

  1. Checking homework. Translate into Kazakh
  • Where is Kazakhstan?
  • Astana is a beautiful and a modern city.
  • The oil kills birds.
  • Do you pollute water?
  • Some people cut trees.
  • Colorado is in the USA.

III. New theme.     Phonetic drill:

I    can   read, I   can   write,

I   can   spell   my   name   too-

I   just   love   going   to   school!

And what about you?

  1. New words: learn [lə:n] – үйрену
  • speak [spi:k] – сөйлеу
  • listen [listn] – тыңдау
  • sit [sit] – отыру
  • teach [ti:ʃ] – оқыту
  • ask [a:sk] – сұрау
  • sing [siŋ] – ән айту
  • watch [wͻtʃ] – қарау (телевизор)

 Doing exercises: Dialogue: Frank is telephoning Bolat.

Frank: Hi, Bolat. How are you?

Bolat: Fine. And you?

Frank: I’m Ok. What are you doing?

Bolat: I’m watching TV.

Frank: Do you and Alma want to come for lunch?

Bolat: Let me ask Alma.

Frank: Okay. Let me know.

Bolat: Frank, you are our guest. Come and have lunch with us.

Frank: Okay. Thanks. Goodbye.

Bolat: See you soon.

Homework: Exercise: 12 p.171

Conclusion: The lesson is over! Goodbye pupils!!!