Theme: Is there a swimming pool?

Theme: Is there a swimming pool?

Aims: * Научить учащихся использовать конструкцию There is/are (настоящее простое время); развивать навыки аудирования, диалогической речи с использованием лексики; Способствовать заинтерисовать учащихся к английскому языку, воспитать к увлечению в свободное время.

Type of the lessons: сообщение новых знаний (экскурсия)

Method: work with partner

Equipment: презентация

The structure of the lessons

  1. Organization moment

Stand up, please. Good morning, boys and girls.

-I am glad to see you.

— Thank you, how are you?

-Sit down, please. Let’s start our lesson. Who is on duty today?

— Answer my questions, please. What date is it today?

— What day of the week is it today?

— Who is absent today?

— Very well. Now open the copybook and write down date today and theme.

Presentation the aims( Slide 1-2)

  1. Warm-up

That is my cat
It is big and fat.
It has no habit
to catch a rabbit (Slide 3)

  • Basic stage of the lessons

Today we go to camp.

at first room in camp is Chess room.(Slide 4)

Смотрим, это змея и она нам поможет узнать грамматику.(Slide 5)

Англичани используют  «There is / There are» оборот для того чтобы сказать  что где  находиться

There is a swimming pool

There are three computer rooms in the school

На русский язык такие предложения переводятся с конца (Slide 6)

  1. Write the necessary verbs (Slide 7)
  • There are two chess board in the room.
  • There are five chairs in the room
  • There is window in the room
  • There is a clock on the wall

The next room is a canteen (Slide 8)

Вопросительные предложения.

Эти два слова меняются. И на такие вопросы мы должны отвечать кратко










  1. Answer the questions
  • Is there a library?
  • ___________________
  • Is there a canteen?
  • ___________________
  • Are there books in the canteen?
  • ______________________
  • Are there tableware?
  • ______________________


Отрицательные предложения

There is / There are болымсыз сөйлемдерде жылаң no бөлектің артынаң жүгіреді

There is no books on the table=There isn’t books on the table

There are no windows in the library=there aren’t windows in the library






  1. Complete the sentences
  • There are no … in the library.
  • There … tableware on the table
  • There …. a picture on the wall
  • There are no …. in the bookcase


  • Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, turn around,
  • Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, touch the ground,
  • Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, show your shoe,
  • Teddy-bear, Teddy-bear that will do.
  • Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, hands on your hips,
  • Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear hands on your knees,
  • Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear put them behind you
  • If you please!
  • Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, raise your head,
  • Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, jump up high,
  • Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, wave you hand
  • And say:”Good bye!”
  1. Listening the text and work with your partner
  2. Are there lakes in Kokshetau?

Yes, there are.

  1. Is there a river in Baldauren?
  2. Are there mountains in Kokshetau?
  3. Is there a theatre in Baldauren?
  4. Is there a library there?
  5. Are there many trees there?
  6. Speaking
  • Exercise 10,p.100- talk with your partner
  • Are there any ….?
  • Yes, there are. \No, there aren’t
  1. Writing Put there is\there are \is there\are there
  2. There is a library in Baldauren.
  3. There is a river in Baldauren.
  4. There are a lot of trees in Baldauren
  5. Is there a computer room in Baldauren?
  6. Are there mountains in Baldauren?
  7. Total of the lessons
  1. Homework

Exercise 16,p.101- write about you like and what don’t like doing