Theme: ”Invitation” (Шақыру)

Theme:     ”Invitation”   (Шақыру)


  1. Educational: to continue the development of speaking and reading skills and understanding English speech.
  2. Practical: to control speaking skills of the theme:”Invitation”
  3. Developing: to continue the development of logic thinking, memory, independence, to improve the experience of speaking skills, to develop the intellect and cognitive capacities.

The methods of teaching:

  1. Practical 2. Reproductive 3. Visual

Types of teaching:

  1. Work at lexics 2. Work at the dialogues
  2. Work at grammar 4. Work at pronunciation
  3. Answer- question work

Equipment:     invitation, interactive  blackboard,  questionnaire.


Plan of the lesson:


І. Organization moment.

Good afternoon, children!

Good afternoon, teacher!

Dear children! I am glad to see you! Boys and girls, we have got many guests today. I think that you are glad to have guests.

—    OK,Who is on duty today?    —    I am on duty today.

—    Who is absent?              —    All are present.

  • What date is it today? -Today is the fourth of February.
  • What season is it now? -It is winter now.
  • -What day is it today? -It is Friday.
  • What is the weather like today? — It is sunny and foggy.
  • What was it yesterday? -It was foggy and rainy.
  1. Checking up the home task.

Ex.11. Complete the sentences with one of the words from ex.10B.

Keys: A-dangerous, B-industrial,   C-foggy, D-successful, E-pollution,

F-punished, G-invited, H-celebrate.

III. Warm up.

Ex. 1A. Find the word.

T is exactly in the middle.

W is one letter before T

A is between W and T

R is at the end

E is between T and R (water)






  1. Presentation.

Ex. 1B. Have a game of this kind in groups:  (G1  and   G2)

Ex.2.   Gr3. Your task is to read and answer the questions:

  • Do you invite your friend to your birthday? Yes/No
  • Do you send a postcard to your friend? Yes/No
  • Do you send an invitation to your friend? Yes/No

Listen new words, repeat after me:

  • boring [‘bɔ:riŋ] — көңілсіз
  • disgusting [disg’ʌstiŋ] — жағымсыз
  • delicious [diliʃəs] — өте дәмді
  • invitation [invit’teiʃən] – шақыру қағазы
  • postcard [‘pəustka:d] –ашық хат
  • invite [invait] – шақыру

Ex.3. Read the invitation.

Teacher:   Look at the blackboard here you can see the invitation. You must read

                  the invitation and write the invitation your friend now.


I invite you to  my


at 10 Queen  Street.

On Friday, 15 March

at 5 p.m.



  • Now, write your own invitation:

To be in the Past: was/were

Болымды түрі:





in  Astana yesterday.





in London                   last year.







Болымсыз түрі:




was not (wasn’t)


in  Astana yesterday.





were not (weren’t)


in London                   last year.













Сұраулы түрі:







in  Astana yesterday?





in London                   last year?






I ?




we ?

















Ex.4.  Work at dialogue. Read the dialogue and answer the questions.                                                                          -Where were Carol and Dmitry yesterday? (They were at the party yesterday)

  1. Practice.

Ex:5A. are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?

  1. Dmitry was at John’s party yesterday. -T
  2. The party was boring. -T
  3. The food was delicious.-F
  4. There were many people.-T
  5. Carol was at John’s Party too.-F
  6. The food wasn’t -F
  7. Carol enjoyed the Party.-T

Ex:5C. Read and match the words :

[invait]                                  were

[‘bɔ:riŋ]                                 invite

[diliʃəs]                                  enjoy

[wə:]                                      boring

[‘pa:ti]                                  delicious

[indȝɔi]                                 party

Ex:5D.   Write the words in the right column, practice their pronunciation.

delicious,  boring, disgusting, invitation, were, party, March,

[ʃ]                           [ɔ:]                  [ʌ]                [ə:]               [a:]












Interview your group mates:

Group 1:

  1. Were you at a Party yesterday?
  2. Was it good?
  3. Were there many people?


Group 2:

  1. Yes, I was at Asylan’s party yesterday.
  2. No, It was boring.
  3. Yes, there were.


Group 3:

Yesterday Abai was at the party.

It was boring.

The food was disgusting.

There were a lot of people.

He wasn’t enjoy the party.

Ex:8.   My interview.


  1. Homework.

Ex:9.   Write: “My interview”


YII. Evaluation.