Theme: Tonight is Halloween

Form: 8

Theme: Tonight is Halloween

Aims : To check up the knowledge about Halloween. To practice in reading the poems about Halloween. To create an interest to study a foreign language

Type: a party

Materials: Wallpapers about Halloween, symbols, decorations for Halloween7

Party  Procedure:

Leader1: Today is the 31-st of October.And everybody know this day as Halloween.On this day people make lanterns out of pumpkins.On an empty pumpkin they cut out slits for two eyes,a nose and amouth and put a candle inside it,So, the symbol of Halloween is  lanterns out of pumpkins,in the USA they are called Jack –o- lanterns.

Leader2 :

Here is my orange pumpkin

Big and fat and round

It is the very best one

I could find downtown

Now I need to make a nose

A mouth…some eyes

Or mother will use it

Too cook and bake some pies

Leader1 :

A pumpkin is big

A pumpkin is round

A pumpkin has a great big smile

But sound doesn’t make a sound

All children have a happy friend

Who comes just once a year

He has two eyes,a nose,a mouth

And grins from ear to ear

Leader2 : Halloween is one of the best holidays for children.American and British children celebrate Halloween.Children wear masks and colourful costumes.The most popular costumes are those of ghosts,witches and skeletons.The children walk door to door in the neighbourhood and shout “ Trick or Treat”.Most people give them trick candy or fruits.Typical Halloween refreshments offered at parties are nuts,popcorn,pumpkin or apple pie,toffee apples and witches or bats made of spicy ginger cookies.

Leader1 : They also decorate their houses and schools in their traditional colours: orange and black.Popular characters are: witches,goblins,ghosts,black cats,wizards,skeletons etc .Everyone tries to look scary on Halloween.Let’s invite our characters here.


A cold,cold night

A brown,brown owl

A grey,grey wolf

A red,red howl


Up,up up

To a pink,pink door

Two white,white feet

On the orange floor.


A big,big house

In a black,black street

An open door

Two white,white feet


A green,green tree

A blue,blue sky

In the yellow moon

A purple cry

All the pupils sing a song “ Clementine”.

Leader2 : Now let’s listen to pupils’ poems about Halloween

P1: The month is amber

Gold and brown

Blue ghosts of smoke

Float through the town

Great v’s of geese

Honk overhead

And maples turn

A fiery red

P2: Frost bites the lawn

The stars are slits

In a black cat’s eye

Before the spits

At last small witches

Goblins hags

And pirates armed

With paper bags

Their costumes hinged

On safety pins

Go haunt a night

Of pumpkin grins

Leader1 : Now our guests and pupils,let’s guess some riddles .

I fly at night because

I don’t like the light

Who am I?  ( bat )

I’m scary and white

I come out at night

Who am I? ( ghost )

Leader2 : I think it is time to answer my questions.

1 What is the symbol of Halloween?

2 Are thre parties on this day?

3 What do people do in this evening?

4 What presents do children get when they knock at the door?

5 How is lantern made?

Leader1 : Well done.And now who wants to find out if the sentences about Halloween true or false.

1 They say the witch is usually funny,pretty and neat. (-)

2 The wizard has a broomstick. (-)

3 The witch’s favourite pet is a big scary dog. (-)

4The lantern is made of water-melons. (-)

5 Halloween children knock at the door and ask “ Life or Death “? (-)

The pupils read some humorous recipes on Halloween

1 Monster’s brew: 6 cup’s of cat’s blood,10 spider webs,10 snake eyes,13 dirty long worms,8 frog legs,2 cups of oil,2 onions.Mix together with your feet in a large pan and boil 20 minutes.Add some salt and fresh skeleton bones.

2 Dracula cocktail: 1 cup of blood,3 rats’ tails,2 spoons of bat hearts.Mix together and drink for Halloween.

3 Halloween desert: 1 rat,3 frogs,2 cups of sugar.All fresh.Yum!Yum!

Leader2 : Let’s play Halloween games

“ Bobing for apples” two students at a time have to get apples from a tub of water no hands.

“ The best Halloween Man” Give a feather to one of the guests.He/she must tickle her/his friend’s face,neck with this feather.The person who will not laugh at this moment,who will be calm,is the best Halloween man.

“ Pin the nose on the pumpkin” Everyone has a chance to pin a nose on the pumpkin.You have scarf over your eyes.The perso who puts the nose nearest to the right place is the winner.

Leader1 : Oh,time flies so quickly.Morning has come and it is time for us to disappear

Leader2 : We have a good time together. Good bye,everybody!