Plan of the lesson


             Form: 6 а



  1. Educational: to continue the development of speaking and reading skills and understanding English speech.
  2. Practical: to control speaking skills of the theme: ”Invitation”
  3. Developing: to continue the development of logic thinking, memory, independence, to improve the experience of speaking skills, to develop the intellect and cognitive capacities.





The methods of teaching:


  1. Reproductive


                 Types of teaching:

1.Work at lexical

2.Work at the dialogues

3.Work at grammar

4.Work at pronunciation

  1. Answer- question work

Equipment: invitation, interactive, blackboard, questionnaire.

                         І. Organization moment.

Good morning children!

Good morning teacher!

Dear children! I am glad to see you! Boys and girls, we have got many guests today. I think that you are glad to have guests.


— OK, Who is on duty today?

-I am on duty today.

-Who is absent?

  • -What date is it today?
  • -What season is it now?
  • -What month is it now?
  • -What day is it today?
  • -What is the weather like today?

OK, our class divided into 4 groups, they are A,B,C D.

/Жыл мезгілдеріне байланысты оқушыларды 4 топқа бөлу \




  1. The first task is:

Warm – up. Find the word.

T is exactly in the middle.

W is one letter before T.

is between W and T.

R is at the end.

E is between and R.


III. The second task is:

Teacher: I will give you cards and you should answer them.

Group A:

Do you invite your friend to your birthday? Yes/No

Group B:

Do you send a postcard to your friend? Yes/No

Group C:

Do you send an invitation to your friend? Yes/No

Group D:

You`re journalists. You should  listening to your classmates carefully and make a short dialogue

Teacher: Look at the blackboard here you can see the invitation. You must read the invitation and write the invitation to your friends  now.

Group A: “Туылған күн» тақырыбы  “Birthday party”

Group B: “Жаңа Жылға» шақыру  “Happy New Year”

Group C: «Лондонға экскурсия» шақыру  “Welcome to London  excurtion invitation”

Group D : “Студенттермен кездесу кешіне» шақыру  “Meeting with the students”

For example:


I invite you to a


At 10 Abai Street.

On Friday

15 March

At 5 o’ clock.


  1. The third task is:

New words, repeat after me:

Invitation — приглашение

Boring — скучный

Disgusting — отвратительный

Delicious – вкусный

Write the words in the right column, check them and practice their Pronunciation.

Delicious Boring Disgusting Invitation

Were party March food enjoy John

  1. The fourth task is:

Work at dialogue.

Group A: read the dialogue and answer the question: Where were Carol and Dmitry yesterday?

Carol: Were you at John’ s party yesterday?

Dmitry: Yes, I was.

Carol: Was it good?

Dmitry: No, it was boring. The food was disgusting.

Carol: Were there many people?

Dmitry: Yes, there were. And where were you?

Carol: I was at Tom’s party. There were not many people there. But it was lovely. The food was delicious. I enjoyed it.

Group B: translate the dialogue.

Group C: write the false sentences

Group D : write the true sentences

a.       Dmitry was at John’ s party yesterday.
·         The party was boring.
·         The food was delicious.F
·         There were many people.
·         Carol was at John’s Party too.F
·         The food was disgusting.F
·         Carol enjoyed the Party.



 Exercises from  the workbook

  1. Conclusion.

The fifth task is: Interview.

Group A:

  1. Were you at a Party yesterday?
  2. Was it good?
  3. Were there many people?

Group B:

  1. Yes, I was at Asylan’s party yesterday.
  2. No, It was boring.
  3. Yes, there were.

Group C:

Yesterday Abai was at the party.

It was boring.

The food was disgusting.

There were a lot of people.

He wasn’t enjoy the party.

Group D :  The game “Telephone”  Pupils should make a dialogue about their invitations  and show  the  role play

YII. Homework.   Ex: 9 at page 108 .  My interview.

YIII. Marks for pupils.