Theme: “English Party”


Theme: “English Party”


Theme: “English Party”

Objectives of the lesson:

to update pupils’ phonetic skills;

to improve pupils’ skills of telling poems;

to develop pupils’ thinking abilities;

to arouse their interest in learning English, to be active, curious, attentive.

MT: visual, crosswords, a notebook, cards.


The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment.

Routine conversation.


  1. Warming up.Start the lesson with the song.

“The more we are together”

The more we are together, together, together,

The more we are together, the merrier we’ll be

For your friends are my friends,

And my friends are your friends,

The more we are together, the merrier we’ll be!


  • “The Best Reciter”


Pupil 1

We can read, we can write,

We can speak English too.

We love learning English!

And what about you?


Pupil 2

Let’s laugh and sing,

Dancing in a merry ring.

Jolly, happy, let us be,

The best children we must be.


Pupil 3

I see green, I see yellow

I see that funny fellow

I see white, I see black

I this and that, and that.


Pupil 4

I love my cat,

It’s warm and fat

My cat is grey

It likes to play.

Pupil 5


Red, white, blue

How do you do?

Yellow, grey, green

Where have you been?

Purple, orange, black

To London down and back.


Pupil 6

This is my father

This is my mother

This is my brother, Paul

This is my sister, this is my uncle.

How I love them all.


Pupil 7

I like to read

I like to play

I like to study every day.

I like to jump

I like to run

I like to play

It’s fun.


Pupil 8

Let us dance and let us play

On this happy, sunny day!

Spring has come, the sun is bright,

The flowers bloom red, pink and white.


Pupil 9

Breakfast in the morning,

Dinner in the day.

Tea comes after dinner

Then come times to play.

Supper in the evening

When the sky is red,

Then the day is over

And we got to bed.


Pupil 10

What can be red?

I say, Ted what can be red?

Well, an apple can be red.

Tell me Ed, what can be red?

Oh, Mary’s dress can be red.

Now you Ned, what can be red?

I think a rose can be red.

  1. Music pause.

Балалар «В лесу родилась елочка» әнімен өлең айтады.

I am                     I do                      Do I?                   I have

He is                    You do                Does he?              You have

She is                            We do                  Does she?            We have

You are                They do               Does it?               They have

We are                 He does                Do we                  She has

They are              She does              Do you?               He has

It is                      It does                  Do they?              It has



Class is divided into 2 groups \Gr1 Gr2\


  1. Find rhymed pairs “Who is quickly?”

rock                                   flag

back                                   fast

father                                 snow

bed                                    green

cool                                   grey

clean                                  wall

stone                                  sock

play                                   mother

cry                                     red

fall                                     pool

last                                    phone

show                                  fly



  1. Do the crossword “Colors”

Көлденеңінен: 1-фиолетовый, 3-көк, 4-ақ.

Тігінен: 2-сары, 5-қызыл.













  • word power. Can you find 11 animals in this rectangle? They are hidden horizontally, vertically, up and down and backwards.


  • Fill in the missing letters and read the words. Riddles and pictures help you.

It is on the wall of your classroom.\-a-\

A man puts on his head when It is cold. \-a-\

A pet in our house. \-a-\


This woman is not thin, she is … . \-a-\


You put your books there. \-a-\


  1. Conclusion of the lesson.

I can see you are good students and you know English very well. Thank you for

your work. You were active today. Now it is time to say “Good-Bye” and sing the song “May there always be sunshine” all together.

May there always be sunshine

May there always be blue skies

May there always be Mummy

May there always be me!

  1. Giving marks and souvenirs.