The theme: A good place to spend your time

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Қармақшы ауданы

А.Жанпейісов атындағы №105 қазақ орта мектебі

Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Алтаева Индира Әбибуллақызы



Form: 6a

The teacher: Altayeva Indira.

The theme: A good place to spend your time

The aims:    To give some information about good and beautiful places, to

enrich pupils’ vocabulary.

To develop thinking, understanding, memory, oral speech, reading, writing.

To bring up love and interest to the subject, respect to each other.


The type of the lesson: New lesson

The methods of the lesson: Interactive method

Visual aids: pictures, cards

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Org. moment
  2. A) Greetings.
  3. B) Checking up attendance


  1. Warm-up

Find the odd one out

  1. London Bath Oxford Rome Manchester
  2. Elephant Horse Tiger Lion Zebra
  3. Blue Yellow Red Purple
  4. Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Garden Hall

III. The presentation of the theme.

Well, today we are having an unusual lesson. We are going to speak about good places and traveling. There we can do a lot of interesting things.

  1. The introduction of the new words.


Beautiful [‘bju:tiful] әдемі

Noisy [‘noizi] шулы, шуылдаған

Peaceful [‘pi:sful] тыныш

Historic [historik] тарихи

Busy [‘bizi] бос емес

Crowded [‘kraudid] лық толы

Ancient [‘ein∫әnt] көне, ескі

Castle [‘ka:sl] қамал

Quiet [‘kwaiәt] толы, толық


  1. Doing exercises.

Exercise: 2A. Look at the pictures and read the words the exchange ideas


A city                             A beach                    Castle                       A green valley


  1. Look at the pictures and match the adjectives

    Noisy   Peaceful    Historic   Beautiful     

                      Busy   Crowded       Ancient       Castle           Quiet



  1. Write the words above under the right column

[i:]                     [au]                [ei]                [∫]             [oi]


[u:]                [i]                  [a:]               [aiә]

Noisy   Peaceful    Historic   Beautiful

Busy   Crowded       Ancient       Castle           Quiet


  1. Reading

Now, we are at the travel agency.

We are given two prospects about different countries.

Read them and choose one of them.


If you have a chance to travel, come to Canada, please.

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities of the country.

Summers aren’t very hot here, but you can swim in the ocean all year round.

You can roller skate and ride a bike on special roads.

You can walk along the streets visit supermarkets and buy souvenirs

for your friends and relatives. By the way, people speak English and French in Canada.

Welcome to Vancouver for a wonderful holiday!!!



Welcome to Olympic Sochi!

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia.

You can stay in the huts near the sea.

There are many snowy hills in Sochi where you can go skiing, play snowballs. Many famous sportsmen prepare for the Olympic Games.

There are many souvenirs shops where you can buy souvenirs for your

friends. There you can see very nice ice castles.

Welcome to Sochi for a wonderful holiday!


But our land is also very beautiful town.

Look at these beautiful views.

Do you like them? We have many guests today.

Our land is so beautiful in winter.

There are some hills and snowy forest where you can go skiing.

We also have a wonderful skating rink.

There you can go skating or play hockey.

In the evenings you can watch an ice-skating show there.


Exercise: 4. Talk to your partner about a good place for a holiday


I think a historic city is a good place for a holiday.

Exercise: 5

Where would you like to spend your holiday?

PupilsA favourite place for a holiday


  • Playing game

«What is missing

At the board laid out cards with words, children are called.

Teacher gives a command: «Close your eyes!» and removes the 1-2 cards.

Then give the command: «Open your eyes!» and asks the question:

«What is missing?» Children remember the missing words.


Write it in English:

Шулы қала          ____________________________

Тарихи қамал      ____________________________

Шулы жағажай   ____________________________

Лық толы жағажай __________________________

Әдемі алқап         ____________________________


  • Putting marks
  1. Giving homework


Writing about your holiday  “My holiday”