Theme of the lesson: “English grammar”

Plan of the lesson

Theme of the lesson: “English grammar”

Date: 23.01.09

Materials of the lesson” cards, pictures, tables, crossword.

Objectives: the students will be able to use and discuss new topical vocabulary.

Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment. Checking home task. Playing JIGSAW.
  2. Lexical materials. Reading text and translating.
  3. Grammatical materials. New materials. Real conditional and tenses.
  4. Question. Questions and home task.

Good morning dear students! How are you? How is your doings? Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What was your home task? Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What was your home task? Who is ready to answer? Let us start our lesson! Your home tasks were exercise 1 translate the sentences into English, who is ready? Ok good you are! Second task was the text to read and translate, who is ready to do this task? Ok try your best again, sit down please. Third task was learn by heart the idioms, proverbs for the internet. Ok. Are you ready to answer?

I prepared for you some tasks as JIGSAW. You know this kind of playing and now there are some of the questions from the text, some of them are idioms, and some are proverbs, for the internet. Your task is answer to the questions, translate the idioms and proverbs give their Kazakh equivalents. Try your best! Everyone can answer. OK, good you are! Well students we already finished checking home tasks you were in good preparation. Let’s start to begin the new lesson. Our new lesson is about conditional, tenses of verbs. Do you remember about conditionals? What kind of conditionals do you know? Ok, I will try to explain you in examples and you must remember all my words, all right! My explanations will be in one of the modern ways of teaching-on the interaction board. I give you some directions of different ion between conditionals and tenses. You have to remember.

All right students, let us put down the date of today. What is the date of today? And write down the theme of the lesson: “English grammar”. If you want to know about the theme of the lesson, I explain it. At the beginning of the lesson I said that our lesson is not only about conditionals as it was in your book, neither of tenses. So I took the name our lesson of English grammar. Are you agreeing with me? Please students pay attention on every direction. I did all of them examples. Put down every word, and you remember it yourself. Ok. So, if you finished, try to do exercises. There are some sentences before you. Your  task is match them, because there are have lost the second parts. Do you understand me? Just  try your best! Ok, good you are! You show us how did you understand the theme of our new lesson. I will give marks all of you.

So students, your home task will be exercise 2, and 3. Read the topic and answer to the question and give the title to the text. The next task ex 3 learn by heart the poem and try to understand the meaning of it. Is it clear for your students? I think that you remember every word I have said and try your best at doing your home task.  And now just Good bye!