The theme of the lesson: “My home”


The theme of the lesson: “My home”


  1. To enriching knowledge about English grammar “There is/are”
  2. To enrich pupils vocabulary stock and develop their thinking, creative abilities
  3. To teach pupil to love our motherland.


The type of the lesson: Demonstrative lesson.


The aids of the lesson: The basic text book for 5 th form, pictures, interactive board, papers, colored pencils.

Interaction: Kazakh, Russian


Plan of the lesson

  1. Organization moment:


Good afternoon, dear children. I am glad to see you

What the weather like today?

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?


II.Warm up: Game “ Molchanka “ (in this game teacher shows things in classroom pupils should name them. Then teacher name things, pupils show them)


III.Checking home task:

What was your home task?

-Ex 15 on the page102


  1. Explaining new theme:

Good for you! Now let’s start our lesson. Today our new theme is

“My home” besides we shall   study English grammar the construction “There is/are”

Grammar There is/are.

We use construction there is /are to say that something exists. We use “there is” for singular and “there are” for plural.


There is a flower on the table

There are fruits in the basket


  1. Vocabulary work:

Bedroom-   жатын бөлме

Living room- қонақ бөлме

Dining room- ас бөлмесі

Bathroom- жуынатын бөлме

Study- кабинет

Corridor- дәліз

Sofa- диван

Armchair- кресло

Bed- кровать

Carpet- кілем


  1. Doing exercises

Look at the picture and try to make up sentences

For example:

This is a living room

There is a sofa in the living room

There are books on the carpet and so on.


VII. Let’s have a fun and play game

Guess and draw

I have a box and in this box there is a something what you should guess and draw it.

This should be in every room

Ол бізге жарық береді

Она прозрачная и яркая

What is it?  (a lamp)




VIII. Crossword in numbers




You should find letters from alphabet (example:1-A  2-B letter…)

  • 19, 15, 6, 1;
  • 20, 1, 2, 12, 5;
  • 3, 21, 18, 20, 1, 9, 14;
  • 2, 5, 4, 18, 15, 15, 13;
  • 13, 25, 6, 12, 1, 20;



  1. Doing exercise 3 on the page 107

Look at the picture and find what rooms are there?


A-………. .(living room)

B-……… (dining room)

C-………. (study)

D-……… .(bedroom)

E-………. (Corridor)



  1. Merry lottery

The rule of the game: Pupils choose lotteries

They should do different orders.




  1. Smile!!!


  1. Show your morning exercises
  2. Clap your hands!4 times
  3. Learn poem.
  4. Who is your lovely teacher?
  5. Count 1-15
  6. Your mark for today is “5”!
  7. You win money!!!
  8. You win 100$






  1. Ultimate Put is/are where necessary.
  2. There… a lamp in the dining room
  3. … there many books in my room?
  4. There … a beautiful carpet on the floor.
  5. There … not any flower in the study.


XII. Your home task for next lesson is ex5 on the page106

The lesson is over.

Your marks for today are……

Good bye!!!