The theme of the lesson: Environment and You.

Батыс Қазақстан облысы Бөрлі ауданы Ақсай қаласының №4 жалпы орта білім беретін мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Айткалиева Мая Кайырболдиевна

The theme of the lesson: Environment and You.

The grammar theme: Modal verb: “should”

The aims of the lesson:

  1. To revise new vocabulary on the topic environment; to enrich pupil’s vocabulary;
  2. To develop the skills of speaking using the modal verb “should”;
  3. To bring up care for their country nature;


The type of the lesson: discussing;

The method of the lesson: demonstration, creative thinking strategies, answer-questions;

The aids of the lesson: using the new computer technology; slides with environmental problems;


Plan of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment.

T:-Good morning pupils!

-How are you?

-I’m fine too. Sit down, please.

-Who is on duty today?

-What date is it today?

-What day of the week today?

-Who is absent?


  1. Check up home task:

Your home was ex 9 p64 put the words from the box into each gap and learn by heart new topical words.

  1. The effects of his illness were strong: now he is not able to run and jump.
  2. The new conditions of animal’s life in the zoo effected their growth.
  3. He wished to preserve from all harm.
  4. The old school building in the centre of the town is in a good state of preservation a long time.
  5. Teacher’s good influence made him a better pupil than he was before.
  6. Do you know what influence him so badly?
  7. It is likely that they will come soon.
  8. Do you know how deal with a wounded bird?
  9. The coach of the school volley-ball team include two additional good players.
  10. Do your children depend on  their parents?
  11. Do you think that the interaction of the pupils at the lesson helps them to study better?


III. Phonetic drill:

Many wonderful Things.

Many wonderful things to hear, to see

Belong to you, belong to me!

The sun, the trees, the grass, the sky

The yellow moon that’s passing by.


The blowing winds, the birds that sing

Bright autumn woods, gay flowers of spring,

The cold long winter with snow so white,

The running rivers, the stars of night.


  1. IV. Presentation of new theme:

How do you associate the word “Environment”?








So, pupils Today we’ll continue the theme about Environment.


  1. Reading the text:

Open at p66  Let’s read The text the environment and You.


  1. Work with the text:

 Find the equivalents of these sentences from the text:

1.Басты мәселе- қоршаған ортаны сақтау және жақсарту.

  1. Әлем бізді қоршаған тіршіліктен тұрады.
  2. Әрқайсысы қоршаған ортаға тәуелді.
  3. Экологтар ауа, жер, суды қалай қорғау керек екендігін және олардың арасындағы қарым-қатынасты меңгеруде.
  4. Олар пайдалы қазбалар мен қоршаған ортаны сақтап қалуға көмектесуде.



  1. The problem is how to protect and improve the environment.
  2. The world includes a great number of living things around us.
  3. Each depends on others in its surroundings.
  4. Ecologists study how to protect air, land and water and their interactions.
  5. They help us to preserve natural resources and protect the environment.


Ex2 p67 Try to answer the following questions.


1.Should we cry for help to preserve animals and birds, to keep land and soils and water clean or do something for preservation and protection of the environment?

  1. We don’t pollute environment. We protect the environment from harm.

3.We think the first action is to learn how to become an-environment-educated person.

4.The next step in solving the problem of environment education to study ecology because ecology is a science that deal with relationships living things have to each other and their environment.

  1. Ecologists study how to protect air, land and water and their interactions.


So, pupils do you understand this text?

It’s about environment, it’s problems and it’s solutions.


VII. Grammar:

Should модаль етістігі.

Should модаль етістігі- айтушының, сөйлеушінің оның дұрыстығын және ең тиімді екендігін білдіру үшін қолданылады. Should ақыл-кеңес, міндеттілік деген мағыналарды білдіреді.


You should  do best to protect flora and fauna.

Флора мен фаунаны қорғау үшін қолыңнан келгеннің бәрін  жасауың қажет.

She should not miss the lessons at school .

Ол мектептегі сабақтарын жібермеуі керек.


Task: 1 Translate these sentences into English.

-Сіз дәрігерге баруыңыз тиіс.

-Оған таза ауада көбірек жүруі керек.

-Бізге қоршаған ортаны қорғау қажет.

-Оларға үй тапсырмасын орындау керек.

-Компьютердің алдында көп отырмауыңыз  тиіс.


VIII. Writing:

Ex7 p68

1.I should work hard to know English better.

Ағылшын тілін жақсырақ білу үшін маған жақсы жұмыстану қажет.

  1. You should get up early in the morning.

Саған таңертең ерте тұру керек.

  1. They should water their flowers every day.

Олар күнде гүлдерге су құюлары керек.

  1. They shouldn’t drink coca-cola because it is too expensive.

Олар кока-кола ішпеулері керек, себебі ол қымбат.

5.You shouldn’t do harm to the nature.

Сен табиғатқа зиян келтірмеуің керек.


  1. Conclusion:

Write thinkwien to the word “Environment”


1  Noun (Environment).

  • A sentence which include 4 words.


VIII.  Home task

Ex8 p68 write in English the following sentences. Learn by heart the phonetic drill Many wonderful things.


  1. Marks

Good bye!