The theme: Doing exercises

Қызылорда облысы Қармақшы ауданы А.Жанпейісов атындағы №105 мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі  Құттыбаева Нұргүл Жеңісбекқызы

Form: 7a

The theme: Doing exercises

The aims: Educational: to direct pupils’ attention to creative thinking reading and writing;
to imprint upon the pupils, memory soundness of knowledge teaching language.
Developing: to teach pupils solving problems actively, to acquire habits and skills, to train pupils practical speech
Cultural: to develop pupils cultural mental intelligence, to develop pupils individual differences


The type: traditional

The visual aids: pictures of foods

The outline of the lesson:

  1. Org.moment
  2. Greeting
  3. Checking up attendance
  4. Checking up homework

Ex: 15. Complete the map about exercise 12


Traditional food:



5 o’clock tea:



Guessing game “I am to you, you to me”


III. Warm-up

Guessing game “What am I?”






  1. Doing exercises


Ex: 16. Now make sentences about eating in Britain


Traditional food includes roast-beef, …

For breakfast British people eat …

They have 5 o’clock tea with …





Ex: 17. Fill in the diagram about eating in Kazakhstan










  1. Read the text

                                 Traditional foods

The Traditional Kazakhstan food include mutton and horse-beef as well as sour-milk products which are closely associated with nomadic way of life. The main dishes of Kazakh cuisine are as follows: cooked mutton and horse-beef (beshbarmak), kuyrdak (fried mutton pluck), horse-beef delicatessen (chuzhuk, kazy, zhal, zhaya), sheep’s milk, cow’s milk and the products (katyk, kurt, irimshik, and the mare’s milk (kymyz). Appearance of flour in the Kazakh diet renewed the traditional dish – beshbarmak, which began to be served with large pieces of rolled dough. Other dishes appeared, like kuimak, kattama oima – puff flat cakes fried in oil. The Kazakh cuisine is also remarkable for tasty plov (pilaf) – cooked of rice and mutton. And, of course, no feast goes without strong and tasty creamed tea.




This is our traditional foods Kazakh meat, kuyrdak, kymyz and kurt. What do you know about this foods, how do you cook it?


Ex: 18. Write about eating in Kazakhstan

  1. Our traditional home cooked food is …
  2. Our favourite meat dishes are: …
  3. The most popular drinks are: …
  4. For guests and friends we like to prepare …


Guessing game  “Find the mistake”


The traditional Kazakhstan food include bacon and cornflakes

Other dishes appeared, like salad, bread fried in oil

The Kazakh cuisine is also remarkable for tasty eggs – cooked of potato and sausages

No feast goes without strong and tasty creamed coffee


  1. Putting marks
  2. Giving homework


Ex: 19. Complete the diagram