We love learning English.

We  love learning English.

5th grade


The objictives of the lesson:

  1. to consolidate lexical matirial on the theme
  2. to develop pupils’ skills of speaking, monologue speech, writing
  3. to bring up pupils’ interest in English language, using English rhymes, longs.


The procedure of the lesson


  1. Organization moment

T: Good morning, children. How are you?

I’m line too, thank you.

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent? What date is today?

  1. Dear pupils, today we have an unusual lesson. The theme of our lesson is «We love learning English». Today we must revise such themes as «Introducing yourself», «Family», «Colours», «Numbers» «Seasons».

I know all of travelling. Today we’ll travel. Do you like travelling by train?

Look at the map please. There are many stations on it. Let’s begin our journey.

The first station is “The introducing station”, Let’s introduce ourselves to each other. Make up diologues. Then they sing song : “What’s your name”.

  1. Now, tell me please, what day of the week is it today?
  2. Let,s continue our journey. We are at the station of the “Day, Months and Seasons”. Your task is to put these words into the lists in the correct order.


Days                                         Months                            Seasons

Thursday.                                 Desember                        Winter


Do you know the rhyme “Seasons”. Let,s recite it.

Spring is green

Summer is bright

Autumn is yellow

Winter is white.

  1. We are at the “Family,s station”. Let,s remember the members of your family. Show me your fingers.

Do you like …  Your father?   -Yes, I do!

Do you like …  Your mother?  -Yes? I do!

Who wants to tell us about his /her family?

Let,s say our rhyme  “I have got a father

I have a father

I have a mother

I have a sister

I have a brother.

  1. Now, children the next station “Colours station”. What beautiful toys! Can you tell me what they are and their colours? Do you know a poem about colours? Let,s say it.

Red, red rose

White, white blouse

Brown, brown bag

Grey, grey cap

Black, black night,

Blue, blue bike.

  1. We are at the “Numbers station” . How much is


20-15=                               19+2=                                        35-17=

16-18=                               17+5=                                        18+16=


One, two, three, four, five

I caught a fish alive

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten

I let him go again

  1. We are at the “Questions station”. You see these nice cards, you must choose one of them and answer the questions.

— What is your address?

-Have you got a sister?

-How do you spell your name?

-How many brothers have you got?

-Can you play the dombyra?

-What colour is your hair?

-Have you got a cat?

-Can you swim?

-When is your birthday?

-Have you got a computer?

-Can you play the guitar?

What colour is your mother,s hair?

-Can you ride a horse?

-Have you got a bike?

-What colour are your eyes?

  1. MNow we are at the last station. It is called “We love learning English”.

We can read

We can write

We can speak English too.

We love learning English,

And what about you?

  1. You,ve done a lot work today. I want to say “Thank you” to all of you. You all get good marks.

Stand up, my pupils

Raise your heads!

Jump up high!

Wave your hands

And say good bye.